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Saliva Tests Confirmed as Screening Methods for Serious Health Conditions

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Among all bodily fluids, saliva is perhaps the one least considered, at least by healthy individuals with no abnormal health concerns. However, medical science is confirming of late that saliva is just as relevant in health testing as any other bodily fluid. It is a medium replete with information, especially when it comes to diagnosing several conditions, since it contains data regarding the production of several hormones, which are essential in regulating the proper functioning of the human organism. For one thing, an at home saliva test can gauge whether or not one’s body is producing a sufficient amount of cortisol and melatonin.

Cortisol, which goes by the more scientific name of hydrocortisone, is the hormone that the body releases through a specific area of the adrenal gland, and which regulates responses to stress and anxiety, by increasing the level of blood sugar. Moreover, hydrocortisone plays an essential part in bone formation, whose levels it lowers, while also suppressing the immune system and helping metabolize fat and protein containing substances. Similarly, melatonin is also important to the proper workings of the metabolism, since it is a strong and efficient antioxidant. What’s more, melatonin has been recently hailed as an important element in the composition of several types of medication – their efficiency, however, remains disputed and is regarded by many as equivalent to that of homeopathic medication. On a more scientifically founded note, however, both melatonin and cortisol tie in with certain serious health conditions, discussed below. As such, the fact that their levels and production can be appraised through a simple saliva test represents great strides for medicine.

  • Cushing’s Syndrome

While cortisol plays an important effect in regulating several naturally occurring processes of the human body, excess levels of the hormone can become highly detrimental. Our research revealed that such a basic, affordable, and quick home test, administered on two consecutive days can establish whether or not has been exposed to excessively high levels of cortisol. These findings are also supported by the diagnostic guidelines for Cushing’s syndrome, published in 2008 by the American Endocrine Society.

While it may seem like this disease is linked with being exposed to too much stress over a lengthier period of time, such a description is inaccurate. Cushing’s is usually caused by a prolonged and excessive intake or steroids from the class of glucocorticoids, or by another health condition, which results in elevated levels of cortisol being produced by the body. One of the most telling signs of Cushing’s syndrome is massive weight gain within a short span of time, which does not affect the limbs. A saliva test is the preferred method of screening for Cushing’s, says the 2010 research report published by Sakihara et al.

  • Addison’s Disease

Not long ago, Addison’s disease would only be screened for via tests performed on human serum. However, a 2008 study authored by Restituto et al. found that a cortisol saliva test is just as good, provided the saliva is collected early in the morning. These findings are especially important, since Addison’s, albeit a rare condition, is also a chronic and severe one, which causes the adrenal glands to produce fewer steroids than they should. The result is a dangerous mix of disparate symptoms, which range from pain in the sufferer’s abdomen to a general weakened state, but can even lead to a coma, if the illness progresses into an Addisonian crisis.

saliva test Saliva Tests Confirmed as Screening Methods for Serious Health Conditions

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Happy New Years! How to Ring in a Safe 2013

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It’s countdown time again, and the biggest party of the year is almost here. This is the only celebration that rings out the old and promises a fresh start. The final days are flying off the calendar with reminders to make reservations, check with friends and make sure that your plans are perfect. You have so much to do, but think about including something special for this holiday. Add a few simple strategies that will keep you safe on the road this New Year’s Eve.

Celebrate With a Plan

While you’re getting ready for this exciting evening, think ahead. If you know that you’ll be driving, plan on taking it easy. Instead of a drink before you head out, have a small meal. It really will make a big difference when you enjoy that first cocktail, and your hostess will never know. Nibbling snacks and sipping water in between highballs are great strategies for staying sober. They work in any party setting from clubs to your best friend’s house. Remember that you’re not the only one on the road, so pace yourself. A few beers or a glass of wine will ring in your New Year with more clarity than the hard stuff. You’ll be safer on your way home, and you’ll share that with everyone else sharing the road.

Always Have a Backup

Now that you have a good plan, add another layer of safety. You don’t intend to overindulge, but being prepared can make the difference between a safe ride home or a DUI. You’ll be out with friends, so why not start with them? For instance, the information at agrees that a designated driver is your best strategy for a safe New Year’s Eve. Celebrating with the group is always fun and everybody watches out for each other. Take advantage of the safety in your numbers. If you’re flying solo, check local programs before you head out. Many communities have armies of volunteer drivers dedicated to getting you home safely. Keep the phone number of a local taxi service in your pocket; this is a backup plan that works all year long.

Navigate the Evening

The roads are always crowded on New Year’s Eve, and not everyone has your strategy for staying safe. Knowing this gives you another advantage. Before you leave the house, make sure that your car is ready for the drive. Check your turn signals and brake lights. Consider this a defensive move against folks who might otherwise miss your moves in traffic. Take your time and take it easy through intersections. If you find yourself behind a car that’s weaving all over the road, don’t try to pass. Slowing down might make you a few minutes late, but it can save you much more than time. Don’t forget to watch out for pedestrians. They’re enjoying the excitement too, and they might miss a step. Don’t let it happen in front of your car.

The holidays are a special time for joy and celebration, but the number of DUI accidents and arrests always spikes between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Public awareness campaigns help, but it’s up to you to take care of yourself and the people around you. Planning a safe New Year’s Eve does more than guarantee you the best night of the year. It guarantees that you’ll be around to celebrate for many more years to come.

Having celebrated many New Years Eve’s in Times Square, freelance writer Nadine Swayne offers this advice to safely ring in 2013!  The law offices of Steinger, Iscoe & Greene know that this is the biggest party night of the year and some might not be as responsible.   If you are injured in an accident due to an impaired driver, the help you’ll find at will offer the right representation to fight for your best interests.

happy new year 2013 Happy New Years! How to Ring in a Safe 2013

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Last Minute Christmas Gifting For Dummies

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Still haven’t finished – or even worse, started – your Christmas shopping? Bah humbug, Ebenezer Scrooge, what the heck are you waiting for? Well then, here are some not-so-nifty ideas for last-minute, re-gifted or belated Yuletide gifts. A word of warning, though: these probably won’t get you struck off Santa’s “naughty” list (hey, you’re the one that left things so late – what did you expect?)


A Bottle of (Cheap) Wine

What it hopefully says: “This drop is absolutely fabulous, so I wanted you to try it, too – you’re so sophisticated”.

What it actually says: “I’d completely forgotten about getting you a gift until I was at the bottle shop buying a little something for myself and remembered how wasted you got last Christmas”.

A Christmas Hamper (from Work)

What it hopefully says: “I know you’re a bit of a dab hand in the kitchen and thought you’d appreciate this basket of culinary delights – you’re so creative”.

What it actually says: “I received this from my stingy boss, none of the contents look even remotely appetising, so I figured ‘screw it, it’s your problem now’. Bon appétit”!

christmas gift Last Minute Christmas Gifting For Dummies

A 2013 Calendar (With Pictures of Impossibly Cute Baby Animals)

What it hopefully says: “Your time is precious, so I thought this would really help you organize your demanding work schedule and fulfilling social life – you’re so well balanced.”

What it actually says: “Yep, I’m fully aware that your smartphone, computer and wrist watch can give the exact same information much more succinctly, but I just wanted to remind you of your mortality… Every. Single. Day”.

A Gift Card (from a Nondescript Department Store)

What it hopefully says: “I really, really wanted you to have something you liked this Christmas and no-one knows you better than, well, YOU – you’re so in tune with yourself”.

What it actually says: “Go on, you do the hard yards and buy your own stinkin’ present – I really can’t be bothered!”

A Box of (Nearly Expired) Chocolates

What it hopefully says: “They’re not as sweet as you are, but I hope you’ll enjoy these tasty treats. And by the way, how do you still maintain your svelte figure? You’re awesome!”

What it actually says: “I received these from an equally lazy, last-minute gift-giver the previous Christmas. They sat forgotten in my pantry all year, there are only three days left before they go off, but I know you’ll scoff ‘em down”.

Elias Velis is the ‘Christmas Specialist’ at Harvey Norman. Once known as the Ebeneezer Scrooge of blogging, he now spends his days scoffing mince pies, sipping mulled wine margaritas and wishing it could be christmas every day. If you do want a funky self gift for the house, visit our small appliances section.

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How To Elegantly Use Your Office Space To Create More Business

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An office is the face of a business. It is often the first introduction clients, customers, and even prospective employees will get to your company. So it is tremendously important that your offices reflect the type of business and level of professionalism you strive for. No matter what you’re selling, your office space is inevitably selling you, and it is important to approach your office design as a marketing strategy.

office space How To Elegantly Use Your Office Space To Create More Business

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Who Are You Trying to Impress?

Between business meetings, sales pitches, and conferences, the office is your hub for hosting clients, colleagues, and customers. A thoughtfully designed office conveys success, competence, and experience. But on an even more basic level, it will make the people you work with want to come back.

Yet even more importantly, your office is the place where your employees are stuck 40-50 hours a week. An attractive workplace boosts moral, promotes company pride, and establishes a sense of privilege and prestige that will no-doubt be reflected in the work they do.

Aesthetic Before Everything Else

There are a thousand sleek and fancy features you can add to spruce up the office, but without a cohesive and comprehensive aesthetic to bring it all together, your design will fall flat. Invest time in developing a style and pervasive look that reflects your company’s core values and working habits. But no matter the business, keep things spare, simple, and elegant. Avoid ostentation and over-decoration. Your office design needs to be as efficient and businesslike as your company.

The Elements of Elegance

office space1 How To Elegantly Use Your Office Space To Create More Business

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The front door is the first and last thing everyone who visits your office will see. Unfortunately, it is also the most frequently overlooked aspect of office design. Ditch the hard-to-open, tinted-glass, push/pull door with the bell glued to it immediately! Depending on your industry, the two best options are to either go with a tall, sturdy hardwood door outfitted with classic knobs and hardware or a sleek motion sensing slider.

Windows are the second most important aspect to consider. Even if you don’t have a particularly good view, be sure to fill the space with natural light (this will also cut down on electricity costs), and keep the office open and breathable.

Next, consider floors and furniture. Hardwood or tile is preferable for the former. Unless you are a therapist, avoid plush carpets and keep it sleek and spare. As for furniture, have a comfortable couch that lends itself to sitting upright. Most businesses will want to avoid lamps in favor of inset ceiling lights. A low coffee table is also important, but aside from that, keep furniture spare.

Wall hangings and plants are also important, but again, keep them spare and tasteful (especially the plants). But try nonetheless to have at least one large impressive painting to serve as a focal point in the lobby and conference room.

Ultimately, the physical space in which your organization does business plays a significant role in shaping many aspects of the work itself. Conscientious office design isn’t about wowing everyone who walks through the doors with an ostentatious display of wealth. Rather, it is about demonstrating that your company is dedicated to the details, that your business ethos pervades everything you do, and that you have the values and resources to build something beautiful.

Author: This article has been contributed by the team at Distinctive Doors.

Jacques Tati: Portrait of a Genius

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With Oscar hunting season in full swing perhaps an obscure French director from half a century ago is not the best topic for an article. And yet with all the fascinating movies that came out in 2012 and particularly these past few months none of them not even the cinematographic masterpiece that is Lincoln or the sweet heart-warming story of Moonrise Kingdom or the highly anticipated Zero Dark Thirty can compare to Tati’s work. Of course comparing a Tati film to the three above is a bit absurd. It would be like comparing a Rolex to a Rolls Royce. Both are luxurious and astounding but they have little else in common.

JaquesTati only made 5 and a half movies (most of which can be seen on-line, for instance through the charter cable internet streaming service or even netflix) and was rewarded for it with an Oscar and a spot on the Entertainment Weekly list of the 50 Greatest Directors list. All of his movies starred the same character, Monsieur Hulot, a well meaning but bumbling gentleman played by Tati himself. Tati’s movies scarcely have any dialogue in them so little in fact that they make Blow Up seem like a Woody Allen movie. He was also obsessed with highlighting the absurdity of modern architecture, modern art and pretty much everything modern.

How did he ever make it as a director then? You might ask yourself. The answer is simple. Jacques Tati was not only a flawless comedian of the absurd in the vein of Rowan Atkinson’s Mr. Bean but with a lot more subtlety, he was also one of the most technical directors in the history of cinema. JaquesTatihas  pioneered the technique of the Long Scene, the scene that appears to stretch into infinity, usually with either a lot or nothing much going on in the shot. Tati’s scenes were arduously choreographed, particularly those that stretched on as he refused to use shorter cuts.

Tati’s bid at immortality came through an ambitious plan. After receiving just about every honor that he could have received, including the Oscar for best foreign film, the Jury Prize at Cannes and the New York Critics Association prize for Mon OncleTati decided to create his masterpiece. He sunk most of his personal finances and went well into debt to create the truly stunning Play Time, his strongest jab at the absurdity of the modern lifestyle. The movie took nine years and bankrupted him eventually, ruining his career but it stands firm as one of the greatest films ever produced and a deeply personal movie, shedding some light into the obsessive soul of a mad genius.

Tati died in 1982 but his legacy lives on through the works of directors that he’s inspired like David Lynch or Steven Spielberg. And three decades after his death and six decades after Jour de Fete he is just as beloved, if not more.

jacques tati Jacques Tati: Portrait of a Genius

Latest and useful desktop Gadgets for Windows 8

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Windows eight is the latest version of Microsoft windows. The Microsoft the leading company to develop softwares has introduced a website which is more user friendly with ultimate features.  The  company does not stress much on the gadgets functioning or significance. But  tech savvy and IT companies, professionals are eager to complement the newly launched windows. Here is a brief description of desktop gadgets for windows eight. Desktop gadgets work on the desktop.

  • Network meter

Network meter is the latest network gadget which would assist the user in providing an informative summary about the network which the system has been used like internal and external IP address, the latest update speed of the internet in every single moment. Users can increase the speed or download the speed of internet. IP address, summary about the usage and the gadget also help to detect the security of internet connection and displays information too.

  • Digital clock

The digital clock functioning is far better than the Microsoft windows clock. This gadget can be the most beneficial for the professions who have to meet the bondage of timings in their profession as the digital display of the window also reveals countdown on the screen. The other salient features of the window are its alarm and uptime of the computer.

  • Battery meter

Battery meter assists the battery. Backup of your computer or laptop. The software developers and maintaining team always recommend to keep the battery affluent for the long life of the computer. This helpful gadget provides a brief summary and information about the current battery and remaining battery, the capacity of the battery, usage of the battery and much more.

  • Earthquake meter

Earthquake meter is very famous in  windows. The gadget keeps on  searching the current location of the earthquake and provides you information faster than the news channels and in a very calculative manner like the affected area. Longitude,density).

Control systems of two types

There are two types of control system with clock and without a clock

  • Control system with clock

Control system with the clock is the simplest and the easiest gadget to use. The user can operate the functions like shut down, hibernate, log off the computer with the clock.

  • Control system without clock

A control system without the clock is almost similar to the traditional system. The user can operate the functions like hibernate the computer, shut down the computer, log off the computer without a clock in a simple old manner.

  • World clock gadget

The world clock gadget is not far different from the previously existing one. The updated version includes date, day with brief description about different nations.

  • Amazon search

Amazon is one of the most explored search engines. This desktop gadget would assist to explore the website just with a click. There is no need to open or find out the link properly. The Amazon would become like the home page of your computer.

  • CPU meter

The CPU meter is one of the most useful gadgets. The gadget updates the information like used RAM, remaining RAM

My name is Mark and I have a website regrading the impact of technology on different apsects of our life. Read about the  jewels for me coupon and my jewelry box coupon in information technology

windows 8 desktop gadgets Latest and useful desktop Gadgets for Windows 8

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The Best Cologne Can Be Easy to Find

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People have been wearing cologne for many years now, and it is a fragrance that is loved by all. Finding the best cologne can seem like a daunting task, but if you know where to look, it really doesn’t have to be that hard. Cologne has come a long way, and there are many women who want to know what the best colognes for women are, and also many people that would like to know what the top mens cologne is. When it comes to finding the best cologne, there are a few things that you can do to be sure that you get a great smelling fragrance that everyone loves.

When it comes to finding the best colognes for women or men, you will want to think about the price and the quantity of the cologne. Think about how much cologne that you wear. Do you wear it every day or do you only wear cologne socially? If you only wear it out once in a while, it may be worth it to you to spend a lot of money on an expensive brand. Remember though that when it comes to cologne, the more you spend typically, the less you get. If you wear cologne every day, you might want to get a brand that is less costly but still smells great. There are many types of cologne that smell great but are less expensive, and you get a good amount in the bottle.

One thing to understand is that you are going to want to pick a fragrance that you like and that people that you hang around a lot like, such as your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, and friends. You don’t want to wear something that really bothers them, but you also don’t want to have to wear something that you hate either. There are so many different fragrances to cologne that it can be difficult to determine which is going to be the best.

When it comes to finding the top mens cologne or women cologne, there is a lot to know. There are many times when people spend too much money on cologne that they decide they don’t like and never wear. Before you invest in an expensive brand, do the necessary research and find out which brands you really like. This will help you to be sure that you get the best cologne for your money. You are sure to find a great brand that both you and everyone around you loves!

Thomas Koanl is blogger works for online women’s clothing Store called CabanaNights that sell women’s specialty clothing including: hot lingeries, casual clothes, blouses, dresses, pants, jeans, perfumes and fragrances, swimsuits, Fashion accessories, handmade jewelry and many more items.

cologne voxefx The Best Cologne Can Be Easy to Find

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Your Cars Worst Enemies

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Your car might seem fairly unassuming and happy sitting on your drive or in your garage, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it doesn’t have any grips in the world. For most cars life is a constant battle against the elements and other people, and I imagine that if they could speak they’d most likely have the personalities of grumpy old men. There are plenty of things your car doesn’t like and that make it mad, so let’s look at a few of those so that you can better keep yours happy and void unnecessary complications.

Your Car’s Worst Enemies…

car enemies Your Cars Worst Enemies
Photo License: Creative Commons image source

The Cold: When it comes to the winter months, your car is probably a bit of a scrooge. You see, just as the cold weather can aggravate all your aches and pains, it can also do the same for your car making the battery drain more quickly and causing potential rust and other problems. Meanwhile the cold also makes it difficult for you to start your car in the morning due to the frost that can cover the windows and doors (like you’re any better at getting out of bed in winter!) and it can make driving more difficult and potentially dangerous due to slippery snow and condensation. If you can, then try keeping your car warm and consider using a car pocket as well as a garage, or just turning the heating up.

car enemies1 Your Cars Worst Enemies
Photo License: Creative Commons image source

Gravel Tracks: Gravel tracks are a bit irritating for passengers at the best of times as they cause the car to bounce around and we feel ourselves getting thrown about. For the car itself though they’re a nightmare and can cause all kinds of damage. For one, all those pot holes and dips that are shaking us about are also bad for the car’s suspension and can quickly damage it (as well as the tires) while at the same time the process throws up lots of dirt ruining your car’s paint job, and lots of stones which can cracks the windshields or jam the brake pads requiring a quick trip to the mechanics.

car enemies2 Your Cars Worst Enemies
Photo License: Creative Commons image source

Moisture: Moisture is bad news for any car and is very much a ‘slow burn’ kind of problem. While most issues can be fixed at the garage, one of the ones that is hardest and most expensive to repair is rust in the body of the vehicle and once this sets in it often spells doom. Avoid this problem by keeping the moisture levels low wherever you keep it, and by strongly considering parking your vehicle indoors if at all possible.

car enemies3 Your Cars Worst Enemies
Photo License: Creative Commons image source

Your Son/Daughter/Niece/Nephew/Best Friend: When your young son comes and asks to borrow the car your car will shudder at the thought and at the memory of scrapes and prangs. Don’t let anyone borrow your car unless you’re confident in their driving ability, and if you need one consider getting a secondary ‘run-around’ vehicle for the rest of the family so you can protect your car and take the best care of it without interference.

Clint loves his car and when he is not reading or writing about cars, he is either fixing one or driving it.

Planes, Trains and … Applying Makeup in a Moving Vehicle

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From sending the kids to school, to sorting the house out, to commuting to work, it can be a juggling act in the morning for many women and applying makeup is the last thing on their minds. Many resort to applying it in the car at traffic lights (don’t be one of these people), on the train or on the bus and the results can be slap-dash at best. Here is our guide to putting on makeup as a passenger in a moving vehicle without emerging looking like a clown.

Less is More:

When applying makeup in less than ideal conditions it’s best to remember that the more factors in your makeup, the greater the chance of making a mistake. Keep things minimal to lower your odds of a morning spoiling mishap. When applying product, use only a little at a time – large mistakes are more difficult to blend in or remove.

Use Powder Foundation:

If you wear foundation you will know how precise you have to be when applying it. Liquid foundation is a big no no as it can go everywhere, including the car, your clothes and hair! It needs to be even and while travelling it is difficult to ensure that it will be applied properly. Step in powder foundation which is a breeze to apply and buff with a brush, will not go everywhere if you tap your brush first and gives great coverage pretty quickly! You also won’t get any on your hands which is a real plus if you can’t wash them immediately after. Still, best to be careful with loose powder

Don’t Apply Mascara:

Most ladies will identify with that feeling of sticking the mascara brush straight into their eyes because they have not been concentrating on the application. Not only is it extremely painful, it also leaves the white of your eyes a strange black or dark grey which can take a few minutes to dissipate and is then replaced with an irritated and red look. The best option is to stay away from mascara and just apply it when you have reached your destination and are stationary.

Go for a Lighter Lipstick:

Don’t go for any lip shade that is too dark, just in case you have problems applying it. Something natural and subtle is perfect and means if you stray away from your lip line, it won’t be too noticeable! It also means that if you get it on your hands or it falls it won’t stain.


Unless you are blessed with perfect skin, you will need a helping hand in the form of concealer. A liquid concealer is your best bet as they are easier to blend in and you can leave it drying for a few minutes while you drive or apply your lipstick. However, don’t forget about it and check that you are rubbing it correctly.

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need:

If you are planning to apply your make up away from home, make sure that you have everything you will need with you. Getting into the car, driving half-way to work and then realising you have no foundation could leave you in more than a panic!

Check Your Appearance When the Journey is Over:

Whether you are on a train, in your car or on a bus, whatever you do, make sure you check how you look before you get out and go on your way. Sometimes, although you think you have applied your makeup well, it doesn’t look how you imagine so a final check and retouch is nearly always necessary!

Thanks to Louise from automotive rental company Sixt for these tips. Do you think it’s better to be late or go without makeup? Let us know your thoughts (and please don’t get makeup on our seats).

simpsons makeup Planes, Trains and ... Applying Makeup in a Moving Vehicle