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How Important is Print in 21st Century Education?

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New technologies are being utilised in classrooms worldwide; leading to the next evolutionary phase in the learning experience. It is not uncommon now to hear of whole classes being given iPads to use as an interactive learning tool instead of a textbook – or even using eBooks to download English literature reading for class etc. However, what does this mean for print in the classroom? It is becoming extinct, seen as a waste of trees? This article investigates how important print is in the 21st century classroom.

Tablets versus Textbooks

The American government, publishers and heads of the technology industry are all currently trying to make public schools invest in tablets on a massive-scale. However, is this just a sales move; or could it do a wealth of good?

The FCC states that every year about seven billion dollars are spent on providing school children with textbooks in America. The truth of it is even though such an expense goes on these textbooks; on average they are seven to ten years out of date. Experts say that not only will tablets save money in the long run, but will improve the education experience. Experts state that three billion can be cut by investing in Tablets, and will only get cheaper as technology progresses.


So how much more effective is a digital experience on a tablet, than a physical one from a textbook. A test was conducted by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in a high school in California where students were either given a digital version of an algebra text book or a print one. The study revealed that the students which used the digital version of the text book scored on average twenty percent higher than the ones using the physical text book. The success of the digital learning experience can be put down to interactivity. The digital version of the textbook contained different mediums of media, audio, video, graphics and built in tests. Students found it more motivating and engaging than staring down a physical textbook for information (something we can all relate to).


In 2012 a study was conducted using three to six year old children, examining the difference between eBooks and print. The study was held at NY hall of Science’s preschool. The parents of the children read the print book together, and then the eBook (half basic eBook, half advanced). The study revealed that the advanced eBooks were distracting with too much going on, ‘non content related interactions’ taking place. Also, it was revealed that both kinds of book (print and digital) supplied a good learning experience, providing more ‘engaged’ parents and children (63% of parents found both types of media helpful).

In conclusion, the future of print in education doesn’t look too promising; especially when the alternatives are proving to be educationally beneficial. However, perhaps it is a little too soon to make a drastic change to classrooms; there is still a lot to be learned about how we can adapt new technology to make the most of it.

This report was carried out by PrinterInks ink cartridges; the online store for cartidges from leadings brands, such as Dell, Samsung, Xerox, Brother and Epson.

education How Important is Print in 21st Century Education?

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The Importance of Water Conservation in Data Centers

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Power consumption is the resource most often monitored throughout data centers across the country; however there is another resource which also deserves some attention.  Water is essential in most data centers and is a rarely used efficiently.  Water conservation is primed to become a hot topic over the next few years as data centers implement more energy efficiency practices.

Why is Water Conservation in Data Centers Important?

Water conservation in data centers is essential because it is a critical component of most cooling systems.  And evaporative cooling system can consume hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per day.  Some data centers have tried to turn solely to air cooling; however this is not effective in high-performance computing environments.

In 2012, it was reported by the US Drought Monitor that all 48 contiguous states suffered from drought conditions at some point.  This is especially true for the western side of the country.  When drought conditions persist for an extended period of time the data centers water requirements quickly outpace the supplies provided by local utilities.  As a result, either the data center will not receive enough water or the surrounding local infrastructure will be weakened.

How Can Data Centers Conserve Water without Risking Equipment Damage?

In data centers where water is necessary for cooling, the difficulty will be finding an effective way to conserve water without damaging equipment.  While there is not be a single solution which will fix all the problems, combining multiple techniques can be effective.

  • Find Alternative Water Sources

One of the best solutions is simply finding alternative water sources rather than relying solely on the local utilities.  Water can be found nearly everywhere; however drinkable water is a relatively limited resource.  A recent auction used in larger data centers is gray water.  Gray water is a form of wastewater from sinks and tubs; however it does not contain any human waste (brown water).  Brown water will likely never be considered a possible alternative water source for data centers because it would require a significant amount of power to complete the necessary treatment process.

Sea water has also shown to be a potential alternative water source.  Some companies have been experimenting with ocean water; however there are still some notable technical challenges due to the high salt content.

  • Improve Cooling Efficiency

The next way to conserve water in data centers is by improving the cooling efficiency.  There are a variety of practices which have been proven to enhance cooling efficiency such as utilizing hot aisle/cold aisle containment, improving airflow, and minimizing the mixing of hot and cold air.

  • Monitor Water Efficiency

Much like improving power efficiency, gaining any type of improved water efficiency requires monitoring.  It is important to set efficiency goals and work towards them on a regular basis.  Many data centers have turned to popular metrics such as WUE (Water Usage Effectiveness) to monitor their water efficiency.

  • Improve Overall Energy Efficiency

A simple yet overlooked way to improve water conservation in data centers is by improving overall energy efficiency.  Every watt of power a data center consumes is converted into heat.  By producing less heat, less cooling is required.

water The Importance of Water Conservation in Data Centers

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What To Look For When Buying Your First Boat: A Beginners Guide

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Your own boat. Your very first vessel. Can you imagine? The lazy days of drifting on the water, the engine puttering gently as you set out for the open sea, your navigational equipment glistening in the sunlight beside a steaming mug of coffee. You’re the captain of this vessel. Why, perhaps you’ll even do a spot of fishing, or maybe you’ll just drop anchor and get to work on that mystery novel you always meant to write…


If this fantasy is roughly all you know for sure about manning a vessel then you need some help, cap’n. Buying a boat is a serious business – in terms of nuance and procedure it falls roughly between buying a new car and a new house and plenty of mistakes can be made, especially if you’re inexperienced.

STEP ONE: Acknowledge your gut instinct. Then acknowledge that your gut instinct is stupid

It’s so easy to fall in love with the romance of owning a boat and this can translate into buying the first beautiful vessel that catches your heart. Your instincts are important but they’re uninformed. Make sure that before you sign anything or put any money down, you retain the services of an experienced and impartial authority – this could be a boat builder or brokerage. Make sure they’ve got reputable trade affiliations with organisations like the British Marine Federation in the UK or SAMS (Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors) in the US.

STEP TWO: Consider whether you want to buy new or used.

This is a big issue. A new boat has definite plus points: it’s sparkling and pristine, it’s fitted with the latest technology and it’s covered by all all-important warranty. However, it’s worth thinking seriously about investing in a good quality used boat if only because a previously used vessel has one important factor that a new boat cannot replicate: it has been tested on the water. A warranty is a beautiful thing but if your new boat isn’t seaworthy then it’ll be spending all its time in the boathouse being repaired rather than whizzing you around the coast. Older boats have their own problems too but this is why your ol’ pal the Marine Surveyor is so crucial to your process.

STEP THREE: Take a list of common boating issues and check them all out

Here are some common problems that should immediately set off alarms if you encounter them in a prospective purchase:

Mismatched paint – this is a sure tell for a boat that has been extensively repaired. Has the boat been in an accident? Did the seller volunteer this information readily? If not, consider what else they might be holding back.

Water lines – these are the lines that separate a rust-ridden area from one that is rust-free. Look for these inside the boat and on the engine. If you spot any, it could be a sign that the boat takes on water.

Handrails – are they bolted down? If they’re just screwed to the surface, then you have to consider what other shortcuts have been made with regards to safety.

Check the oil – is it gritty? Does it smell burnt? It’s definitely worth checking to see if you can send an oil and transmission fluid sample to a lab for testing.

Check the floors – are there any soft spots? If there are, walk, walk away.

Maintenance records – the seller shouldn’t have a problem with you checking these. Look for recurrent problems and see how carefully the boat has been maintained in the past. A careful seller is usually a trustworthy seller.

These checks may not be romantic but they’ll certainly save you a lot of heartache further down the line. Temper your heart’s desire with a lust for handrail maintenance and you’ll be fine. God speed, cap’n.

Mel Donohoe’s wife has to stop him investigating every YBWBoatsforSale sign. It’s a sickness. He’s also a freelance writer.

captain What To Look For When Buying Your First Boat: A Beginners Guide

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Overflowing Artwork From Your Kids? – Frame It!

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Framing kid’s artwork is a great way to decorate while validating a child’s artistic expressions. There are a number of ways to creatively frame this art that characteristically displays a cheerful simplicity along with bright colors and strong lines.

Choosing Frames

While there are many frames to choose from for framed art pictures that are suitable, some are more interesting than others. Floating frames are available most everywhere and costs range from inexpensive to moderately priced. Some feature metal strips clenched by plastic while others include wood and glass.

These frames offer a contemporary look that seems to go well with children’s art. They are also very easy to assemble and offer a variety of colors. The mat for these frames is provided by the wall where they are hung.

Irregular Shapes

Many pieces of children’s art tend to include odd shapes and sizes. This can make it challenging to frame in a traditional way. However, many frames can accommodate irregularities with a little creativity. For example, floating frames adapt to shape for a visual advantage.

To account for various sizes of art, consider asking your child to trim the sides. Rather than doing this yourself, having them do this makes it easier to retain the artistic integrity of the art. Another way to frame it is to use pieces in a collage or separate the pieces into different frames. This can make it fun to create interesting arrangements.


Grouping similar pieces together offers each piece more impact. Also use colors to showcase each child’s artwork. In addition to providing a way to easily identify each child’s art, he or she can enjoy a sense of pride whenever they spot their work on the wall.

Children’s framed art that is grouped well can be displayed just about anywhere so consider various places throughout your home. In addition children’s framed art is also suitable for display in office environments. It can be used to instantly perk up an otherwise drab office or cubicle.

Anything Can be Art

In addition to children’s art it is also interesting to frame doodles and non-traditional work such as a written assignment, certificate or other achievement. When framed among art pieces it provides an interesting contrast and validates other school work. This can add to a unique artistic vibe in an otherwise one-dimensional collection.


It could be a good idea to scan the art into a computer program. This makes it easier to share and arrange it in different interesting ways. It can also help in the framing process from a visual perspective. Using programs designed to add backgrounds can also clean up deficiencies while preserving the original artwork.

Framing art also has the advantage of making it suitable to present as a gift. Every family member, particularly grandparents will find their grandchildren’s artwork touching. In addition there is no better gift than those that are heartfelt. It also serves as a way to preserve the art in another locale.

As the school season gets underway it is a good time to gather artwork that is on the fridge or languishing in keepsake boxes to put into frames where it can be admired by all. will also do much to boost the esteem of the children who worked so hard to express their artistic side.

Nadine Swayne is a contributing freelance writer and editor for, a leading provider of framed art pictures and frames. With a large and appealing selection from which to order online, Artismo is a great choice when budget makes a difference.

artwork kids Overflowing Artwork From Your Kids?   Frame It!

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The Best Mobile Phone To Connect With The World

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Samsung galaxy S3 is the best mobile phone to connect with the world. This mobile handset was released in May, 2012 in London. This Smartphone which was designed and developed by Samsung electronics runs on the latest Android operating system. The release of this gadget gave tough competition to its competitors like iPhone 4S, HTC One X, Nokia Lumina 900 etc. Wow features in Samsung galaxy S3 are


  • Smart alert: once you lift the phone this interesting feature will inform you about the things that has happened. It alerts you about the missed calls and messages.
  • S voice: This voice recognising command allows you to instruct the device. You can instruct the phone when to receive the call, can change your music volume and can even tell the camera when to shoot a picture.
  • Social tag: With S3 you can stay connected with your friends and family. Social tag can easily identify the person in the photo album and can automatically link with their social media network. Once if you set this tag you can know the status of your friends by just seeing their photos.
  • Direct call: suppose you are texting to your friend and decides to talk with him. This smart feature connects the call immediately to the desired person instead of searching call logs.
  • Smart Stay: front camera on the phone will focus on the eyes and can automatically identify what you are looking for. It will instantly connect to the web if you want to read an eBook.


  • Photo sharing: galaxy S3 allows you to share photos within fraction of seconds. It not only recognises pictures but also connect to their network profiles. So you can share the photos with one touch on the screen.
  • All share play: using share play you can share data with several devices with the help of DLNA and wi-fi. You can access the documents and multimedia information irrespective of time and location.
  • S Beam: this is an advanced feature compared to Photo sharing and All share paly. With Sbeam you can instantly share documents, contacts, pictures, videos. Just by keeping two phones together.


  • Design: It has 4.8 long screen which is bigger in size compared to iphone5. The entire case is made up of plastic that is covered with flimsy and ultra-thin material. Rectangular shape was replaced with a curved shape and it comes with a removable battery.
  • Pop up play: it is the multi-tasking device. You can watch videos and can send email at the same time. Powerful quad processor boosts the device power.
  • LTE: with this ultrafast wireless technology downloads can be done within fraction of seconds. LTE runs twice faster compared to 3G technology.

It became the best mobile handset in the world because of its amazing features. TechRadar and stuff magazine rated it as the no1 mobile gadget beating Sony Xperia, Lumina 900 and many other smartphones.

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Hi, I am Maria, a blogger who loves to write articles on different gadgets, technologies, travel and presently writing about PPI claims, you can catch me @financeport

samsung galaxy s3  The Best Mobile Phone To Connect With The World

The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Lights

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Choosing the right lights for your Christmas needs involves the consideration of a number of different variables. As you probably already know, not all lights are created equally and some are fit for some purposes more than others are.

Types of Christmas Lights

Replacement bulbs are often the cheapest of all lights but allow you to change the lights when they burn out. However, they can be quite problematic as one bulb going can mean a number go out and this means you have to locate the right bulb before the other’s work. This can take time and patience. These lights often have short lifespans and often only work for two or three years before needing to be replaced.

Non-replaceable bulbs – these cannot be replaced and so eliminates the need to find a broken bulb. On the downside if a bulb breaks then you have to throw them out.

LED – No copper wire here and a longer life than traditional lights (up to 50,000 hours) means that LED are quite a good option for Christmas lights. They also don’t heat up and can be used indoors and outdoors depending on the lights.

Solar Lights – These are the perfect outdoor light and mix solar and LED technology to provide a long lasting light that is low on running costs and lasts longer than the standard. They do cost more than many other lights, but are a great choice.

Battery – Portable and easy to carry around, they don’t need a plug and are ideal for hanging on specific items. However, batteries need replacing quite often. Many battery lights come with a range of twinkle and static settings.

10 Tips for Choosing Lights

  • Lights for outside are different from indoor lights and need to be conditioned to withstand cold and wet conditions. Make sure your lights are certified for this purpose if you are using them outside
  • Of course, you should never use outdoor lights inside as they won’t have been safety tested for indoor use. Nowadays it is possible to purchase lights that perform both functions.
  • Generally 50 lights per foot (12inches) is sufficient
  • If you want a more traditional feel coloured lights can really help, they also mean you won’t need as many decorations.
  • Clear Christmas lights are more contemporary and stylish
  • Consider access points before you place the tree in the room, as you won’t want leads strewn across the floor.
  • Lights can also be added to windows via suction cupsamd across mantel pieces with garland hooks
  • Check lights before packing them away each year. Always replace bulbs before packing away and wrap them up in bubble wrap for best storage.

By following our guide to Christmas lights you can be sure your tree will look like the belle of the ball.

Cormac Reynolds writes for UK Christmas decoration site Festive Lights – the one stop shop for all things festive.

christmas lights The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Lights

christmas lights1 The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Lights

christmas lights2 The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Lights

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The Story of eBay

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In 1995, when a software developer, whose company was called Echo Bay, put an auction on his homepage for a broken laser pointer, he was astonished by the level of interest. After a number of bids, he contacted the winner to check they understood that the pointer was broken and the purchaser simply replied “I collect broken laser pointers”. The idea for eBay was born!

In recent years, alongside the explosion of online distribution companies, eBay has expanded to include businesses with the Buy it Now function for conventional purchases and eBay shops – dedicated minisites for prolific or commercial sellers. Many people realise their entrepreneurial enthusiasm or have responded to the employment crisis by running online businesses out of their garage, their kitchen table and their spare room.

Even a site as practical and straight-talking as eBay is sometimes swept along with the reality entertainment trend, so that personality and amusement factor trump actual value. The auction of a used wetsuit, in March, is an example of this. The seller’s entertaining pitch featured promises never to have urinated in his wetsuit and solemn oaths that, unlike his friend ‘Gaz’ whose wetsuit was sadly neglected, he rinsed his wetsuit in fresh water after every use. The cult popularity of this listing resulted in an online raffle that raised thousands for the Red Cross.

school bazaar, secondhand jewellers, jumble sale, vintage boutique, carboot sale – rolled into one online

The initial success of eBay rode the wave of a turn-of-the-century nostalgia and strong attractions to vintage value. In the late nineties, there was suddenly an appetite for reuse and resale, with unusual secondhand finds swiftly becoming the acme of cool. Now, consumer demand is just as focused on new items – BNIB and BNWT are common ticket descriptions (Brand New in the Box and Brand New With Tags). An eBay shop is often a kind of ‘outlet’ store, with the seller buying in bulk and passing those savings on to a consumer buying individual items, thus undercutting the high street. Buying like this may not have the thrill of winning an auction, but it can save consumers serious money…

over the last fifteen years, the auctioneer’s hammer may not have grown a tail, but it’s definitely a mouse…

So, eBay, once an ambitious little .com startup, has spawned a shoal of ambitious little startups. It is now a global business with an estimated worth in excess of $43 billion. eBay provides an ideal online outlet for home-based businesses, is easy to use and is searchable by Google. This is where self storage comes in – customers run their eBay business from a laptop on their kitchen table. They can store their stock in low-cost self storage in Hampshire or the Highlands to take advantage of bulk buy opportunities, without losing the spare room under a tide of boxes. They’re still able to load the car up to head off to trade fairs and expos. Sometimes nothing beats a face to face with your customers…

This post was written by Ruth Woolfson of

ebay The Story of eBay
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Celtic Tattoos and Their Popularity

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Celtic tattoos have become extremely popular in the last few years. This is because of their uniqueness and beauty. Many people take pride on showing off their Celtic tattoos, even trying to one up their friends who have tattoos. Because Celtic tattoos have a long and rich history, there are a lot of designs. Anyone who wants a Celtic tattoo can get a mythological or a historical tattoo. Here, is why Celtic Tattoos will become even more popular in the future.


Celtic history goes back for thousands of years. At one point, all of Europe was Celtic. Eventually they were pushed to the north and west. Because of this, there are many possibilities for a Celtic tattoo. Whether it is a spiritual or a war symbol, a Celtic tattoo can capture the awe of many people. Celtic art can convey a message and an interest in a time of history. Many people do not know the history of the Celts; this is an excellent way to start learning.


One of the biggest reasons get tattoos, is because they want something unique. Since a tattoo is art, people are aiming for something that will get people interested. There are dozens and dozens of terrific designs, with a lot to choose, one will certainly find their style. Many times, a Celtic tattoo, can get one approached in public with compliments and questions. There are a lot of resources where one can find their ideal style, and then get that replicated in a tattoo shop.


Many people get Celtic tattoos for religious or spiritual reasons. Celtic Polytheism is the belief system of the Celts. There are some remarkable tattoos in regards to Celtic Polytheism. For many people, this carries a peculiar meaning and is close to their heart. There are also some unusual characteristics of Celtic Polytheism, including human sacrifices and head hunting. These ideas ultimately have given a lot of tattoo artists great design ideas. The Celtic cross is an extremely popular option for anyone looking to get a tattoo. A lot of new age spiritual people have come to enjoy the Celts religious views and ideas. This has also led to a jump in popularity of Celtic tattoos.


There are so many Celtic tattoos to choose. The variety is simply amazing and helps people find a unique idea. There is no normal Celtic tattoo, so it is extremely easy to have a tattoo stand out. One can get a tattoo based on Celtic battle traditions, religions, or one based on everyday life. This really opens the door to a lot of tattoo ideas.

Celtic tattoos are unique and interesting, and will certainly get people talking. There are many websites and books devoted to Celtic art. There are even tattoo shops that specialized in making great tattoos for their clients. Because they convey a historical message, many people will ask questions about a Celtic tattoo. They are, by far, one of the most interesting tattoo style one could have.

Evelyn Rodriguez writes about  tattoo designs and care at

celtic tattoo Celtic Tattoos and Their Popularity

celtic tattoo1 Celtic Tattoos and Their Popularity

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Runways Lined With Turbines: Why Karl Lagerfeld Decided Wind Power Was In Fashion

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Chanel’s runway shows are always greeted with a certain level of anticipation – Karl Lagerfeld is a never content with the mere display of clothes. There is always an extravaganza, some great theme that accompanies his endless reinterpretation of Coco Chanel’s tweeds, skirt suits, tailored jackets and pearl-lined doo-dads. In years past the scope has been ambitious: model emerged out of a 100ft high replica of a Chanel jacket to celebrate its anniversary, or skipped round haybales in a high-end hoedown as Lily Allen lived out her brief country-style phase with a live band. The scale is always enormous and the ambition high. This year, it was all about windmills.

The Spring/Summer 2013 Chanel collection was characterised by its love letter to the wind turbine. The front row was augmented with the enormous white beasts, which rotated softly as the models stomped down the catwalk dressed in the light, grid-like designs with detailing that bobbed and echoed the spinning motions of the propellers.

So What Does This Mean?

Well, dedicated follower of fashion, the first thing that we must acknowledge is the meaning of Kaiser Lagerfeld’s decision is more interesting than his rather enigmatic (charitable: see also under ‘banal’) explanation that accompanied his collection: ““I started to sketch in St. Tropez over the summer and it was so hot I wanted some fresh air.” This is not to disrespect Lagerfeld in any way – it is the right and privilege of designers and artists to be vague and non-committal when it comes to explaining their inspiration. However, let us dig a little deeper…

The aesthetic issue

Let’s start with the surface and work in: quite apart from the sense that renewable energy is ‘in’ right now, what with the rise in Lagerfeld’s native Germany’s dependence and exportation of electricity generated by on and offshore windpower and the increased (albeit equally and somewhat troublingly fashion-y vague) Conservative government commitment to green issues at their latest party conference, it seems there is a purer, more visual element at play here. With their towering but slender form and shiny monochrome exterior, wind turbine look very Chanel. There is a sense that they’ve got the whole look down and Lagerfeld cannot be faulted for finding and exploiting a certain visual rhyme with his collection.

The undercurrent

It is also true that not every decision has to be meant for it to be interesting and there is something significant about the use of the turbines this year. It is probably not a sign that fashion is ‘going green’ in the same way that Katherine Hammnett wearing a anti-Conservative T-shirt when she met Margaret Thatcher or Dame Vivienne Westwood shaking bobbing a curtsey to the queen, wearing transparent trousers and an absence of underwear. It is a kind of semiotic game, a scoring of visual and commercial points, that is inextricably bound up in the capitalist consumer-culture it sometimes tilts at critiquing. However, tough fashion might only flirt with specific policy and grand statement, it is densely interwoven with the socio-political climate in which it is produced. Chanel’s runway shows are some of the most amous and most reproduced fashion images in the world. This is the brand that is splashed over the papers when they cover Paris Fashion Week. One can never underestimate the importance of a proliferated image and in this case, the juxtaposition of wind turbines with youth,style, opulence and, crucially beauty. One of the chief mainstream arguments against wind turbines – more levelled at onshore than offshore, it must be said, is that they are a “blight on the landscape,” an offence to the eye. It would be overstating the case to say that their inclusion in a Chanel show entirely rehabilitates windmills in the eyes of a certain strain of the public, but it does, I think, mark a small but significant cultural shit in the way wind turbines could be perceived. A repeated image does not argue, rather it settles, branding itself on a collective unconscious. Karl Lagerfeld is unlikely to continue powering his shows via wind energy – he is already onto the next compelling image. However, in placing wind turbines adjacent to high fashion, he may have done the renewable cause a greater favour then it will ever realise.

Meryl Monkhouse writes about renewable energy and offshore wind.

chanel Runways Lined With Turbines: Why Karl Lagerfeld Decided Wind Power Was In Fashion

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