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5 Things You Should Know About Silver

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Silver, or Ag to science buffs, has been used since around 700BC for a wealth of different purposes, and besides its practical uses, also has a rich cultural history.  Today the uses of silver go far beyond just making shiny things, and it is used for purposes as diverse as medicine to superconductors.

Here are some sterling facts about silver.

1.Silver is better than cash

Silver is a great investment for those that play the stock market.  Silver is long lasting and not perishable (it might tarnish a bit, but that can be cleaned off), and it can also be easily broken down into smaller quantities.  This, along with the fact that Silver has a high weight to value ratio, makes silver a great trading commodity.

Best of all, silver values have remained relatively stable over the past few years, and have never fallen to zero, which cash currencies can, and have done.

2.Only approximately 20% of the world’s silver is used for jewellery

Despite the fact that silver remains among the most popular precious metals for crafting jewellery, this only accounts for one fifth of silver mined.  Before the rise of digital recording, the film and photography industry used to use more silver than the jewellery market, through the use of silver nitrate.

The majority of silver today is used for pretty boring industrial uses, like circuits and batteries, where it makes a great material due to having the highest electrical conductivity of all metals.  However, it might be quite pricey to rewire your home with silver.

3.Silver bullets kill werewolves

Whilst this might not be entirely true, silver has always held an esteemed position in folklore.

Traditionally silver was seen as a symbol of purity, a natural ward against evil, and possessing of magical qualities.  Silver was the metal of the moon, and was often attributed similar qualities to the moon in folklore.  This included a feminine aspect, positive “white magic” associations, purity, and healing powers.

4.Silver is good for you

The healing properties of silver aren’t all myth, and studies have shown that silver genuinely does possess medical benefits.

Silver had been traditionally used as a kind of disinfectant, with ancient Greek sailors putting silver coins in jars of produce so that it wouldn’t spoil on sea journeys.  Even up until World War 2, silver nitrate was used as an antiseptic to treat wounds, and was only relatively recently replaced by modern antibiotics like penicillin.

Despite having fallen out of favour as a medical treatment, studies continue into what other untapped health benefits silver may possess.

5.Hallmarks can tell you a lot

silver 5 Things You Should Know About Silver

Whether you’re antiquing, or buying a massive stack of silver bars, you need to know your hallmarks to know what you are buying.

Whereas fine silver has a purity of 99.9%, it is generally too soft to be used in practically.  As such, any silverwork you buy would probably be sterling silver, which must have a purity of 92.5% to be labelled as such.  Currently the hallmark for sterling silver is a heraldic lion, however designs have changed over the years, so you may have to do some research if you’re looking at older pieces of silverwork.

Hallmarks can also tell where the silver was made, like a rose for Yorkshire, or a crown for Sheffield.  They can also tell you the date of production, although this may not necessarily be a number, so again, you may need to research.  Finally there may be an individual maker’s mark.

Beware, hallmarks can be faked, so make sure any silverwork that you buy is from a reputable dealer.

So whether you’re a magpie for sparkly stuff, a metallurgist, or an antiques buff, silver is more than just a lump of shiny metal.

This is a guest post by My Family Silver. The company offers for sale beautiful examples of antique and modern silver from around the world

Unusual Instruments From Around The World

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Having grown up surrounded by them, we tend not to realise there’s something deeply weird about most musical instruments. Violins are basically wound intestines stretched and scraped with horsehair. Drums; the flayed hide of an animal pulled taut and hit with sticks. And let’s not even get started on the Didgeridoo. The point is, even the simplest instrument can appear strange when viewed objectively. So allow us to take a moment to appreciate the mind-bending insanity that went into designing:

The Sea Organ (Zadir, Croatia)

unusual instruments Unusual Instruments From Around The World

image source

Built on the edge of the Adriatic Sea, the Sea Organ is a network of tubes that converts the flow of waves into a continuous, ethereal drone. Designed by architect Nikola Basic to liven up Zadir’s modernist concrete seafront, it manages to capture the rhythm of the ocean with more grace than even the sublimest David Attenborough documentary.

Musical Roads (Japan, South Korea, USA)

It sounds like Jeremy Clarkson’s dream: an instrument you can play with your car. But Japan, South Korea and America’s ‘singing roads’ actually have a deeper purpose; functioning as tourist-magnet, warning system for inattentive drivers and, um, Honda advert respectively. Grooves in the road, spaced at precise distances create the rhythm, with depth of cut responsible for tone. The exclamations of drivers unknowingly hitting these roads for the first time have sadly not been recorded.

Nano Guitar (Cornell University, USA)

Proving, once again, that scientists have waaay too much time on their hands, the Nano Guitar is a baffling ten micrometres long and can only be played with lasers. To appreciate exactly how tiny that is, find a ruler, measure a centimetre and then image it 1000 times smaller. Featuring strings a mere 100 atoms thick, it even comes in two varieties: classic and deluxe.

AK-47 Guitar

unusual instruments1 Unusual Instruments From Around The World

image source

Created by Céaser López (presumably after seeing Desperado a few too many times), this entry is the only one that seems designed specifically to perform the most-bitchin’ solo ever. Somewhere in this glorious decadence resides a deeply-felt point about the gun trade; but honestly, how many of you who saw the photo didn’t immediately imagine yourselves rockin’ out before a crowded stadium?

The Singing Ringing Tree (Burnley, UK)

unusual instruments2 Unusual Instruments From Around The World

image source

A vast cacophony of pipes stretching high over Lancashire, the Singing Ringing Tree is powered only by wind rolling over the bleak Northern landscape. It’s strange, near-musical lilting evokes feelings of awe, isolation and the sublime, all within a twenty minute walk from Burnley.

The Great Stalacpipe Organ (Virginia, USA)

unusual instruments3 Unusual Instruments From Around The World

image source

The largest musical instrument on Earth covers a hefty 3 ½ acres deep below Virginia. Designed by ex-Pentagon man Leland W. Sprinkle, the Organ works by bashing rubber mallets against stalactites, which each give off an individual note. Weird doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Musical Tesla Coils

unusual instruments4 Unusual Instruments From Around The World

image source

Combining anything with lightning is scientifically proven to make it 100% more badass, and music is no exception. Know what could make it even more badass? Adding Doctor Who.

Symphonic House (Lake Michigan, USA)

In the Wedge family home, strings stretch along walls, down stairwells and through corridors; creating a giant instrument any family member can play at any time. The only inhabitable instrument on this list, Bill Close and David Hanawalt’s experiment in sonic architecture is also one of the strangest buildings on Earth.

Katzenklavier (Hypothetical)

unusual instruments5 Unusual Instruments From Around The World

image source

Famously proposed by Dr Johann Christian Reil as a way of treating patients who had lost the ability to focus; the Katzenklavier would undoubtedly grab even the most-hopeless patient’s attention. Operated by a mechanism that would yank each cat’s tail in time to create a recognisable tune, it remains to be seen whether the mere sight of it would then send the patient mad again in an entirely novel way.

The Loophonium (Liverpool, UK)

Designed by Fritz Spiegl as a piece of surrealist artwork, the Loophonium has been played on at least one occasion: the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra’s April Fools concert in 1960. The Liverpool Museum’s website reliably informs us that, at the end of the concert, the seat was raised as a sign of respect for the national anthem.

Author: This article was compiled by DV247, Pro Audio specialists and suppliers of Fender products. There are so many fascinating instruments out there, can you think of any more?

Anti-aging, the Use of Creams to Effectively Reduce Wrinkles

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anti aging Anti aging, the Use of Creams to Effectively Reduce Wrinkles

Every woman in the world wishes to look beautiful and young. But the charm in the face goes down as they start aging. Aging is a common and natural process of physical and biological changes in the body. The wrinkles, lines, aging spots and the dark circles are the resemblance of getting aged. This may not allow you to sleep tight. In such cases there are plenty cosmetical skin care products. Among these face paints promise to just alter or enhance the purpose. For few, usage of such products can make the person look younger by reducing the crumples or any pigmentation vagaries. These creams are not suitable for all the categories of skin. Some may have better result were as some with poor texture. This may result any discolorations.

The moisturising or the anti-aging creams contain ingredients such as:

a)      Egg oil

b)      Retinol

c)       Anti-Oxidants

d)      Kinetin

e)      Sunscreens

f)        Peptides

g)      Vitamin C

Few facial creams used for anti-aging, which can also reduce wrinkles are

  1. Sunscreens: Going out in the sun may cause many skin problems as the rays directly hit the skin. So apply sunscreen lotion which can protect you from skin cancer and can also prevent you from wrinkles.
  2. Massage: By using any of your moisturising lotion, give a five minute massage with a very firm and gentle touch. Focus on the problematic areas such as Forehead, under the eyes and any wrinkle prone areas. This gives a little bit of relaxation.
  3. Creams with potassium Alum: Alum is often used in cosmetics. This is an anti-aging product which can reduce the wrinkles. This is being used from ages as a mineral salt in many things. Such ingredients effectively reduce folds. 
  4. Olay: The Olay products are considered to be the best in reducing the crinkles. Later these products have become much expensive than before. Usage of these cosmetics allows you to be away from aging spots and pleats.
  5. Ponds Age miracle: This is another cream which is preferred by many women. By applying this cream it gives an extra glow and also helps to renew skin cells rapidly. These items contain a mixture of many facial creams and oxidants. Daily usage of this can reduce the crumples.
  6. Vitamin A: Using Vitamin A cream products will get back your years of appearance back. They act as anti-oxidants in neutralizing free radicals which break down as small molecules and form wrinkles. These creams are clinically proven to use for avoiding folds.

All anti-aging creams are as good as a drug for reducing creases. The proper usage of them can attain good results and can effectively reduce the folds, pimples, age spots and lines on the lips. Always do such things under a proper guidance, or else it will be a ridiculous thing applying all creams on your face which in turn leaves few marks or scars.

There are also few costly creams which can be purchased through same day cash loans by providing immediate cash. The amount can be paid back in a short period.

About the Author: The guest post was contributed by Emily,  guest blogger from Manchester, UK. Find out more about her finance related blogs @financeport

Why Baby Boomers Should Have Creative and Practical Hobbies

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You’ve certainly heard the term “baby boomers” used before. In fact, you’re probably one of them! Well does this sound familiar? You’re starting to get up there a bit in years, and while looking back on your life, you realize there are some hobbies out there that you’d like to partake in. Well, here are some reasons to get back out there and keep yourself busy.

Whether you’ve been eagerly awaiting it since you first stepped foot in the work force or have been dreading the day, retirement is rapidly approaching. Instead of sitting around and wasting your talents, put your time and energy into a hobby. Finally learn how to weave baskets or organize the coin collection that’s been sitting around for years.

Breaking Free
You grew up in a time when people were still remembering the bitter consequences of the Great Depression. Indeed, you were probably asked to work starting at a very young age. Even since then, it’s been a constant stream of work, and you really haven’t had a break. Now though, you are either working part-time, not at all or at a much less aggressive full-time job than in the past. You have the time to take a class at a local community college to learn a new skill, participate in a weekly bridge tournament with friends or start playing tennis at the local community center.

As much as you may not want to admit it, growing old comes with a whole slew of physical and mental health problems. Of course, these issues are certainly not definites, and you can work to stay ahead of them. Find a hobby that involves working out. It could be taking a daily class at the local gym, joining a sports team or just walking the track with friends in the morning. Keeping yourself mentally stimulated and alert is important too. Look for openings on local debate teams or trivia teams. When such opportunities are not available, look into making crossword puzzles or Sudoko your new hobby.

Just Because!
When you have a love for something, whether it be making models, painting elaborate portraits or discovering new and healthy recipes, age should not stop you from doing so. You might feel as though hobbies are just for the young, but that’s certainly not true. Don’t just waste the days away sitting in front of the television or playing games on the Internet; get back out there into the real world and find new friendships and connections that can be formed. No matter how old you are, you should not stop yourself from trying something new and really expanding your horizons. You can even invite grandchildren and great-grandchildren to join you in your new hobbies.

Having hobbies is an important part of life, because it gives people a sense of relief and freedom that they might not find elsewhere. Above all else, be sure to pick something that you love. Even if your family members or friends aren’t into whatever it is, give the activity a shot. You might find new friendships just waiting to be unearthed.

Tyler DeWulf writes about aging, finance & more at

baby boomers Why Baby Boomers Should Have Creative and Practical Hobbies

baby boomers1 Why Baby Boomers Should Have Creative and Practical Hobbies

Photo Credit: Jonathan Klinger (CC BY-SA 2.0)

5 Myths About Animals Everyone Thinks Are True

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Animals are fascinating. It’s hard to comprehend just how many different species there are, especially to those who aren’t zoologists or biologists, which is why there are a lot of myths about certain animals which have stayed within the world’s consciousness over the years.

Here are five myths about animals which everyone thinks are true when, in reality, it’s all rubbish!

Bats are blind

animals myths 5 Myths About Animals Everyone Thinks Are True

The saying ‘you’re blind as a bat’ has been around for donkey’s years, but is it actually true? The notion that a bat should be blind because it primarily uses sonar to guide its way round trees and walls is one that’s been perceived common knowledge for ages, but in reality, it’s actually not true. Sure, bats do have very small eyes, but they can actually see pretty well. Sonar is still their preferred vision, but their eyes are definitely in workable condition.

Old dog, new tricks

animals myths1 5 Myths About Animals Everyone Thinks Are True

Again, this is another classic saying and another myth which is actually untrue. Saying that you ‘can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ is fair enough, but in reality even an dog, with a few weeks training, should be able to pick up the basic tricks of rolling over, sitting and fetching. It’s probably relevant to point out the saying should be taken with a pinch of salt, as it applies more to humans than it does dogs.

You’re never too far away from a spider

animals myths2 5 Myths About Animals Everyone Thinks Are True

Many people believe you’re never more than three feet away from a spider. That is, without any question, a scary prospect, and it originally came from Norman Platnick, an arachnologist, who pointed out that, in the realms of probability, you’re ‘probably no more than a few yards away from a spider’. The important word there is ‘probably’. That word changes everything.

Sure, there are shed loads of spiders within every mile of the country, but you’re more likely to within a few feet of a spider if you’re stood in a field than you would be sat at home.

Wait; what’s that on your wall?

Death sex

animals myths3 5 Myths About Animals Everyone Thinks Are True

One of the best myths surrounding anything in the world has to be the praying mantis. According to popular belief, after sex, the female praying mantis bites the head off the male – as if to suggest that this will be his first and last time. And she isn’t joking; she’ll then go about his entire caucus, to ensure he actually is dead.

As amazing as this myth is, it’s actually untrue. Sure, scientists found this was occurring when they were watching the insects have sex in a laboratory under high-intensity lights, but when they realised they could be messing up the mantis’ mojo they placed hidden cameras in the tanks instead – and saw some interesting results. Guess what happened? That’s right; they just had sex. No death. No head-biting. Just sex. Lovely.

Goldfish can’t remember

animals myths4 5 Myths About Animals Everyone Thinks Are True

It’s one of the most long-standing myths ever and it is just not true. Goldfish do have memory capacity more than three seconds worth – in fact, their memory can stretch quite a lot further than you’d think. Experiments suggest goldfish can remember up to around five months, meaning the myth that’s been around for decades is about anything but factually correct.

So there you have it; some of the most popular myths regarding animals which aren’t actually true. Did you believe any?

Author: This article was compiled by Andy Graven who works for Invisible Fence, providers of invisible pet fences.

Italian Scarves Sell Around The World

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italian scarves Italian Scarves Sell Around The WorldItalian scarves will surely be part of the accessories included on the new China based online store being launched in October by Italian fashion label Salvatore Ferragamo. This is collaboration between this line and, which is a luxury retailer. This is the first time these two retailers will join forces to sell luxury items like Italian scarves, shawls and wraps.

Macy’s And China’s E-commerce

Along those lines, Macy’s has also partnered with a Chinese e-commerce website as they try to get into the Chinese marketplace. This United States department store had a lot to learn about preferences of merchandise and shopping patterns were concerned even though it is a very recognizable brand throughout the world. Adding Italian scarves, shawls and wraps to the inventory should be no problem.

Neiman Marcus Enters The China Marketplace

Even Neiman Marcus, which is a Dallas based retailer, is moving into the Chinese luxury market as it collaborates with stores in China by purchasing some of the flash sales of the start-up company Glamour Sales.

Western Retailers Embrace The China Market

It appears that the Chinese e-commerce market is looking very attractive to Western retailers of luxury brands that provide such items as Italian scarves. The Boston Consulting Group has stated that it is unmistakable that China is getting ready to be a superpower where e-commerce is concerned. By the year 2015, it is expected that it will be number one in e-commerce.

Whether buying Italian scarves for men or women, it seems that there is an even larger variety of stores to choose from. Regardless if those stores are online or in the local mall, there is something to be said for the fashion statement made when wearing only the finest in accessories.

Italian print scarves offer more style and fashion while being worn with other Italian fabrics and prints. They offer a dash of color with a bit of originality in design. They come in a variety of different styles that make wearing them a breeze. These styles consist of head scarves that look divine, neck and turban scarves, coat scarves and the list goes on.

When choosing Italian scarves, the user can enjoy the fact that they will always have something attractive to wear. Just by simply adding a beautiful scarf to an outfit, it is possible to dress it up, no matter what is being worn. The way a scarf is tied adds another dimension to the ensemble, and will often generate glimpses from onlookers.

The same thing can be said for evening shawls and wraps. They add more flavor to any outfit, and often cause people to ask for a few scarf fashion tips.

Blogger and fashion consultant Batilda Lucchesi loves searching the world for new and beautiful clothing. Her quest has lead her to a true Italian original source for Italian scarves called

Top Ten Crafts Every Mommy Should Know

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Top Ten Crafts Every Mommy Should Know
As a parent with kids at home or on break from school, occupying them throughout their time away
from the classroom can prove to be a little tricky. This does not mean that there aren’t a lot of things that you can do. All that matters is understanding what could be considered as a top ten of the crafts that mommy should know.

Little Kid/Big Art

Murals can be an excellent way to express your child’s creativity. Simply take them outside to where you have hung a old sheet in the backyard. Let them use their fingers, hands or brushes to paint pictures bigger than even themselves on the sheet. This limits mess and ensures lots of fun times.

Flower Jewelry

Have your children pick flowers as low on the stem as possible. Then with the long stems, tie the end of one stem to the area right below the petals of the next flower. This can form a chain to make fun and stylish necklaces or bracelets for the day.

Rainbow Bubbles

If you have children that love to play with bubbles, you can even dip into your artsy and crafty side to spruce up this time honored classic. Rainbow bubbles offer up all the different colors of the rainbow. All you have to do is put a couple of drops of food coloring in different containers of bubbles. One color per bottle, and see how vibrant and colorful the bubbles are when you blow them.

Leaf Scrapbook

Exploring the great outdoors can be a wonderful step towards crafts and similar activities this summer. Take your children on a little hike of a wooded area, or an actual nature trail in your area. Allow them to start collecting different kinds of leaves. When you get home, put one or two in between two sheets of wax paper and iron it together to make pages of your scrapbook.

Gooey Science

Science and crafts go way back, and experiments with the kids are a great way to hit art education
and science education all at the same time. This one is simple to make a goop that is fun for kids (and adults) to play with. Mix up one cup of cornstarch and 1/2 cup of water in a medium sized bowl, or on a rimmed baking sheet. Let your kids determine, as they have fun playing, whether this is a solid or a liquid.

These are several great ideas, but there are a few more that you can search for ways to accomplish.
These are also well worth putting into the mommy craft bank.

-Mini Volcanoes – requires a bowl, tray, vinegar and baking soda.
- Super hero capes – requires material from old sheets, blankets or fabric. Means to sew.
-Custom Kid Decals – requires masking tape, clear Con-Tact paper, markers, scissors, and paper
-Noodle Jewelry – requires noodles of different shapes and sizes, string or thread.
-Turkey Hands – requires construction paper, scissors, markers and glue.

Diana Luxe loves to write about arts, crafts, and parenting at

rainbow bubbles Top Ten Crafts Every Mommy Should Know

rainbow bubbles1 Top Ten Crafts Every Mommy Should Know

Photo Credit: Max Braun (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Arctic Animals

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The Arctic is a polar region situated in the most northerly region of the planet. It is an area which is made up of several different countries including the US, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia and Russia. This is a place which is extremely hostile in terms of its climate with an ocean covered by ice. This is not an environment for the faint hearted as the temperatures in the summer are on average -10 degrees whereas in the winter this drops to as low as -68 degrees. High winds regularly make the conditions even worse. Of course, this means that the wildlife in the Arctic includes species which we will not see anywhere else in the world. Here we take a look at six of the coolest animals around.

Arctic Hare

arctic animals Arctic Animals

These cute little creatures are much like their southern counter parts with the exception of their brilliant white coats. They tend to dig holes in the snow in order to keep warm. The hares will feed on berries, leaves and buds. They can run at speeds of around 40 mph which helps them evade the arctic wolves and foxes.

Arctic Fox

arctic animals1 Arctic Animals

Not many people would have heard of the arctic fox but it is one of the most abundant species in the northern hemisphere. They are known for their exceptional hearing which helps them hunt out their prey which is usually much smaller animals such as voles, lemmings and the arctic hare above.

Harp Seals

arctic animals2 Arctic Animals

These seals seem rather small at first sight but are indeed on average over 6ft long and weigh over 400lbs. They are particularly distinctive due to their pure black eyes surrounded by white blubbery bodies. They spend most of their time in the ocean and have extremely good vision.

Arctic Tern

arctic animals3 Arctic Animals

These birds are a common sight in the region. Although they do not reside exclusively in the Arctic, they will breed near the North Pole before they head off on an 11,000 mile flight to the Antarctic where they spend the winter. They have an exceptionally long life span, averaging 30 years. Diets include fish and small marine animals.


arctic animals4 Arctic Animals

One of the few animals in the Arctic displaying any colour, these coastal birds generally exist in colonies on cliffs and islands. Their bright orange beaks are not just there for show as they are used for catching prey as they dive under the sea water. This is one of the reasons it is known as the ‘sea parrot’.

Musk Oxen

arctic animals5 Arctic Animals

These animals are quite large and are considered as one of the main sources of subsistence for the Eskimos, providing food and clothing. Their name is derived from the fact that the males let off a really strong odour which is used to attract females. Musk oxen have a life expectancy of up to 20 years.

Author: This article was compiled by the team at

Vintage Halloween Decorations

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For inspiring Halloween decorations, look no further than the past! The accessories used to adorn houses in the 1940s and 50s didn’t have the grizzle and gore that are de rigeur these days. They did, however, have their own creepy charm and character. The childlike quality to them does give a really spine-chilling element – like antique dolls. You can buy reproduction decorations or splash out on actual antique ones.

‘All Hallows Day’ or ‘All Saints Day’ is celebrated worldwide on 31st October and carries many different traditions with it. It mixes secular and pagan rituals and customs. Here we look at the most recognisable Halloween decorations as they were in ‘ye olden days’.


In America and the UK, black and orange streamers would adorn the porches of any self-respecting neighbourhood house to invite trick or treaters to the door. These pretty and inexpensive trimmings have been around for yonks, as our picture, from 1924 shows!

halloween decorations Vintage Halloween Decorations

Haunted House

An old dolls house could be easily converted into a spooky haunted house (ask your sister first!). The dark gables, the rotting roof tiles and the requisite witch silhouette to make it even scarier. You could make one from scratch with Papier-mâché?

halloween decorations1 Vintage Halloween Decorations

Paper Wall Decorations

An immediate lift to any parts of the house that need the spook factor, old card decorations can simply be stuck on the wall. You can make your own at home by using card and templates from the internet.

halloween decorations2 Vintage Halloween Decorations

Jack o Lantern

Jack o Lanterns weren’t quite as scary in the 1950s, in so much as they didn’t have evil eyes or sharp teeth, but there’s something quite demonic about their piercing eyes and leery smile that will frighten trick or treaters nonetheless. This example comes from Germany.

halloween decorations3 Vintage Halloween Decorations


Making noise on Halloween is a very old tradition. The custom has its roots in Celtic history. The idea being that the ghouls that roamed the world that night wouldn’t take up residence in your house – also the reason that fires were extinguished in homes for the night. German toy exporters took these shaker toys to America as early as 1900.

halloween decorations4 Vintage Halloween Decorations

Drink Stirrers

These skull and bones drink stirrers would be the talking point of any Halloween party. The tagline on the logo for these is particularly grizzly, “Name your poison”!

halloween decorations5 Vintage Halloween Decorations

Mantelpiece Decorations

This metal scene is perfect for the mantelpiece or by the fire (which you shouldn’t really have going anyway as it’s Halloween). Fireproof, they can be used near Jack o Lanterns without fear of being a fire hazard!

halloween decorations6 Vintage Halloween Decorations

Scary Scarecrow

The poor old scarecrow, not only does he have to stand in a field come rain or shine, he is then vilified as a scary character at Halloween. Oh well, here is a lovely, though slightly creepy, scarecrow decoration from yesteryear.

halloween decorations7 Vintage Halloween Decorations


Friend of vampires and witches alike, the humble little bat is a must-have on Halloween. Whether hanging from the ceiling or streamed across walls, these cute little bats have a sinister side too.

halloween decorations8 Vintage Halloween Decorations

Black Cat Lanterns

An alternative to the pumpkin, these black cat heads are (presumably and rather squeamishly) scooped out to hold a candle inside. Lucky they’re not real…

halloween decorations9 Vintage Halloween Decorations


This vintage witch looks eerily like the witch from Disney’s 1937 animation ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’. Which is enough to scare any small child!

halloween decorations10 Vintage Halloween Decorations


Halloween gives you a great excuse to adorn the house with the biggest ornithological design trend right now – Owls!

halloween decorations11 Vintage Halloween Decorations

Author: This article was written by Alfie Davenport, who works for British Antique Replicas.