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Peek inside Versace’s lavish home

Peek inside Versace’s lavish home


Versace lavish home 1 Peek inside Versaces lavish homeThe former home of Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace in Miami Beach has opened its doors to the public
Versace lavish home 2 Peek inside Versaces lavish homeSlowly, 1116 Ocean Drive opened its doors, first as an invitation-only private club, then allowing non-members to stay in its ornate rooms, and now to the masses – or at least anyone willing to plunk down $US65 ($A95.22) for a tour.
Versace lavish home 3 Peek inside Versaces lavish home The home is full of tapestries, sculptures and paintings. The smell of fresh flowers and sound of classical music fills the air
Versace lavish home 4 Peek inside Versaces lavish homeWhile the downstairs of the home is exquisite, whether it’s worth the price of the tour depends on your interest in art and architecture, your desire to gain access to an exclusive place, and your level of disposable income
Versace lavish home 5 Peek inside Versaces lavish homePass through the limestone arch, into the courtyard of Casa Casuarina, and the fuss all makes sense. The trickle of water from a fountain, the shift of clouds above, the tickle of Atlantic breezes – the simple beauty of each is enhanced by the home’s lavishness.
Versace lavish home 6 Peek inside Versaces lavish homeEvery inch of this place, every detail, is full of thought and history and detail. And yet it feels intimate and generally not over-the-top.

Versace lavish home 7 Peek inside Versaces lavish homeVersace’s touches are everywhere, often in the form of his Medusa head logo, which is seen in gold, on gates and railings, in stone mosaics even on shower drains

Versace lavish home 8 Peek inside Versaces lavish homeOutside, tourists flock to the cast-iron gates, taking pictures all hours of the day. It is not until you enter, though, that you truly sense its magnificence.

Versace lavish home 9 Peek inside Versaces lavish homeThe name-dropping here doesn’t stop. The Wedgwood Suite was Cher’s favourite; the Safari Suite (pictured) was Elton John’s. A photo of Bill and Hillary Clinton hangs in a cigar lounge.

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