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The 10 Poorest Countries Of The World

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01. Republic of the Congo
1 The 10 Poorest Countries Of The World
02. Republic of Liberia
2 The 10 Poorest Countries Of The World
03. Republic of Zimbabwe
3 The 10 Poorest Countries Of The World
04. The Solomon Islands
4 The 10 Poorest Countries Of The World
05. Republic of Somalia
5 The 10 Poorest Countries Of The World
06. Union of the Comoros
6 The 10 Poorest Countries Of The World
07. Guinea-Bissau
7 The 10 Poorest Countries Of The World
08. Central African Republic
8 The 10 Poorest Countries Of The World
09. Niger
9 The 10 Poorest Countries Of The World
10. Ethiopia
10 The 10 Poorest Countries Of The World
The level of economy in countries around the globe is not even. It is somewhere very high and somewhere very low. GDP, literacy rate and employment rate are several parameters of a country to determine the level of its economy. According to a report of the United Nations, hunger causes the death of about 25,000 people everyday. Unfortunately, the number of children is greater than that of adults. Consider several facts of income disparity between rich and poor nations to measure the cleavage between the haves and the haves not. The combined income of the world’s richest individuals leaves far behind that of the poorest 416 million. 982 million out of 4.8 billion people in the developing world live on $1 a day. Another 2.5 billion live on below $2 a day. 40% of the poorest population made up 5% of world income while 20% of the richest population made up 75% of global income in 2005.

A country with a GDP per capita of $765 dollars or less is defined as a low-income or poor country. You may wonder why poor countries remain poor. Some interrelated factors like geography, industrialization, colonialism, education, resources, infrastructure, overpopulation, investment, government and debt make poor countries remain the heavy foot of poverty.

Inside the Luxury Igloo Hotel

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inside iglo hotel 1 Inside the Luxury Igloo HotelPerched high above the five-star hotels and heated debate amongst global leaders in the Swiss resort of Davos, an igloo hotel offers the chance to chill out and enjoy life as an Eskimo might.
inside iglo hotel 2 Inside the Luxury Igloo HotelSet in the midst of the groomed, snow-clad ski slopes 2600 metres up, where temperatures sometimes hang around minus 20 degrees Celsius during the daytime, the cluster of igloos nonetheless takes a few liberties with the genuine polar experience
inside iglo hotel 3 Inside the Luxury Igloo HotelIglu-Dorf is built out of packed snow, but the network of 15 igloos linked by tunnels looks more like a cross between neolithic caves and an eco-housing complex perched in the Alps
inside iglo hotel 4 Inside the Luxury Igloo Hotel“We built the complex in five weeks using giant inflatable balloons which were then covered with snow,” explained Alexander Lau, one of the staff at the Davos igloos
inside iglo hotel 5 Inside the Luxury Igloo HotelThey also offer some creature comforts that are not so common on the wild expanse of polar icecap, such as a sauna and whirlpool bath. And they were not hewn out of ice.
inside iglo hotel 6 Inside the Luxury Igloo HotelOnce the purpose-built plastic moulds were deflated, the ideal home appeared: rooms, bathrooms, bar, restaurant, an even a conference room.
inside iglo hotel 7 Inside the Luxury Igloo HotelLast year, 9000 people spent a night in accommodation ranging from a more summmary standard igloo (119 euros on weekends – A$239) to the “romantik-iglu plus” (339 euros – A$682).
inside iglo hotel 8 Inside the Luxury Igloo HotelThe igloo hotel was born out of a bet. Adrian Guenter, a Swiss snowboarding fanatic, swore he would be the first on the slopes in the morning so he built an igloo nearby. Over the years, it turned into a lucrative business

World’s Most Unusual Beaches

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1 Worlds Most Unusual Beaches

From quirky to quaint, bizarre to beautiful, our writers stretch out on some of the world’s most unusual beaches.

2 Worlds Most Unusual Beaches

Andrew Heasley: Sipadan Island, Malaysia. Touted as one of the top 10 diving spots in the world. Among the most spectacular sites is the “turtle graveyard”: a yawning cave entrance at about 25 metres that opens into a labyrinth of caves.

3 Worlds Most Unusual Beaches

Jane Reddy: Lizard Island. The island, 28 kilometres off the Far North Queensland coast, is a jumping-off point to some of the world’s best diving on the Outer Great Barrier Reef.

4 Worlds Most Unusual Beaches

Paola Totaro: Cenito, Naples. Cenito is a mere thumbnail of sand, an ethereal ribbon among the Posillipo cliffs, shaped by the tides and the vagaries of nature. Sometimes it is there, many times it is not

5 Worlds Most Unusual Beaches

Bruce Elder: Matala Beach, Crete. This is the beach evoked by Joni Mitchell, who stayed here when she fled to Europe after breaking up with Graham Nash. In Carey from her album, Blue, she sings of the Mermaid Cafe and the warm winds that blow in from Africa

6 Worlds Most Unusual Beaches

Richard Jinman: Brighton Beach, England. Brighton Beach isn’t what you would call a beauty spot. It has pebbles instead of sand and water the colour of a dead fish’s eyes. o matter. I adore the place and come here as often as I can.

7 Worlds Most Unusual Beaches

Hamish McDonald: Caspian Sea, Iran. It was October 2001 and for me the War on Terror had hit a lull. Holed up in Tehran awaiting clearance to get to the Afghan border, I hankered for a swim in the Caspian Sea.

8 Worlds Most Unusual Beaches

Daniel Fallon: Waimea Bay, O’ahu, Hawaii. Hawaii has always meant big-wave surfing. The concept of “Waimea Bay” was introduced to me as a nipper growing up next to the shore-breaking dumpers of Coogee Beach.

9 Worlds Most Unusual Beaches

Kendall Hill: Jose Ignacio, Uruguay. It would be nice to think I was one of the first to discover the laidback allure of Jose Ignacio but the truth is Martin Amis, Naomi Campbell and Mario Testino beat me to it. They were the pioneers of the jetset crowd who now flock to this intimate beauty spot.

Bugs – Macro Wallpapers

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MacroPhotography Bugs001 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs002 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs003 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs004 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs005 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs006 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs007 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs008 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs009 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs010 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs011 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs012 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs013 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs014 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs015 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs016 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs017 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs018 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs019 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs020 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs021 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs022 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs023 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs024 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs025 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs026 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers
MacroPhotography Bugs027 Bugs   Macro Wallpapers

Alien Life of the Antarctic

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Polar Vessel Alien Life of the AntarcticPolar Vessel
Three sampling expeditions aboard the German research vessel “Polarsterni” revealed hundreds of new animal species in the depths of the Southern Ocean.
Little Pincher Alien Life of the AntarcticLittle Pincher
This image shows an isopod (Munna species) discovered in the Weddell Sea.
Pink Worm Alien Life of the AntarcticPink Worm
This pink polychaete worm was discovered in the Weddell Sea.
Sea Urchin Inn Alien Life of the AntarcticSea Urchin Inn

This spindly, cidaroid sea urchin has house guests: sponges, made up of millions of single-celled animals, have attached to the urchini’s branches.

Slim Isopod Alien Life of the AntarcticSlim Isopod
This serolid isopod can flatten its body to increase surface area and keep from sinking into the fine-grain sediment on the seafloor.

Red Eyed Critter Alien Life of the AntarcticRed-Eyed Critter
Some of the deep-water antarcturid isopods (like the one shown) have eyes, suggesting they evolved from species that lived on the shallower continental shelf, where light penetrated to the bottom.

Ghostly Swimmer Alien Life of the AntarcticGhostly Swimmer
This crustacean (Ischnomesus species) was discovered in the Weddell Sea.
Sea Spider Alien Life of the AntarcticSea Spider
This Munnopsis species found in the western Weddell Sea is a type of isopod, a group of marine invertebrates (animals without backbones). The “deep-sea spider” dines on bits of food that sink to the sea floor.
Sediment Feeder Alien Life of the AntarcticSediment Feeder
This protobranch bivalve, or animal with a shell that has two hinged valves, gathers bits of food by probing the soft sediment with a thin appendage.
Half Shell Alien Life of the AntarcticHalf Shell
This protobranch bivalve, discovered in the Weddell Sea, gathers bits of food by probing the soft sediment with a thin appendage.

Roly Poly Alien Life of the AntarcticRoly-Poly
Scientists discovered more than 200 polychaete worm species, 81 of which were previously unknown. This Ophryotrocha species, like other segmented worms, has long bristle-like appendages and it feeds on sinking organic debris called “marine snow.”

Peek inside Versace’s lavish home

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Versace lavish home 1 Peek inside Versaces lavish homeThe former home of Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace in Miami Beach has opened its doors to the public
Versace lavish home 2 Peek inside Versaces lavish homeSlowly, 1116 Ocean Drive opened its doors, first as an invitation-only private club, then allowing non-members to stay in its ornate rooms, and now to the masses – or at least anyone willing to plunk down $US65 ($A95.22) for a tour.
Versace lavish home 3 Peek inside Versaces lavish home The home is full of tapestries, sculptures and paintings. The smell of fresh flowers and sound of classical music fills the air
Versace lavish home 4 Peek inside Versaces lavish homeWhile the downstairs of the home is exquisite, whether it’s worth the price of the tour depends on your interest in art and architecture, your desire to gain access to an exclusive place, and your level of disposable income
Versace lavish home 5 Peek inside Versaces lavish homePass through the limestone arch, into the courtyard of Casa Casuarina, and the fuss all makes sense. The trickle of water from a fountain, the shift of clouds above, the tickle of Atlantic breezes – the simple beauty of each is enhanced by the home’s lavishness.
Versace lavish home 6 Peek inside Versaces lavish homeEvery inch of this place, every detail, is full of thought and history and detail. And yet it feels intimate and generally not over-the-top.

Versace lavish home 7 Peek inside Versaces lavish homeVersace’s touches are everywhere, often in the form of his Medusa head logo, which is seen in gold, on gates and railings, in stone mosaics even on shower drains

Versace lavish home 8 Peek inside Versaces lavish homeOutside, tourists flock to the cast-iron gates, taking pictures all hours of the day. It is not until you enter, though, that you truly sense its magnificence.

Versace lavish home 9 Peek inside Versaces lavish homeThe name-dropping here doesn’t stop. The Wedgwood Suite was Cher’s favourite; the Safari Suite (pictured) was Elton John’s. A photo of Bill and Hillary Clinton hangs in a cigar lounge.

10 Highest Lakes on Earth

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highest lakes 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

1. Highest Lakes Image

10. Lake Saiful-Muluk: 3,224 m (10,577 ft)

To the north of Kaghan Valley near Naran, in Pakistan, sits the impressive Lake Saiful-Muluk. At an altitude of 3,224 m (10,577 ft) above sea level, this glacial lake is one of the highest in Pakisan, and judging by the vibrant colors captured in these images, certainly one of the most beautiful.

highest lakes1 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

2. Highest Lakes Image

The surrounding glaciers feed the lake, so the size of it is dependent on snow fall from the previous season. Some say it has shrunk quite considerably in recent years, but it hasn’t stopped locals travelling to the site to have a quick dip on sunny days – well it would have to be quick!

highest lakes2 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

3. Highest Lakes Image

9. Lake Titicaca: 3,812 m (12,464 ft)

highest lakes3 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

4. Highest Lakes Image

Otherwise known as Lake of the Clouds, Titicaca in Bolivia and Peru sits at an altitude of 3,812 m (12,464 ft), and while it is not the highest lake on Earth – which it’s often mistaken for – it certainly is the highest navigable lake (by large boats). In some parts, the lake is more than 1,200 feet deep so can easily accommodate large vessels, and with an area of about 3,200 square miles to cover, they’re very much needed.

highest lakes4 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

5. Highest Lakes Image

The name Titicaca derives from the wildcats that live on the lake’s islands, called titi. Titicaca was a sacred place for the Inca civilization. The first Inca king was said to be born here and according to Inca mythology, Titicaca is where the world was created, by the god Viracocha. Legend has it that Viracocha rose from the depths of the lake to form the sun, the stars and the first people. The area is still very dear to its inhabitants today, especially the Uros people, who live on the lake on floating islands made of reeds.

highest lakes5 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

6. Highest Lakes Image

8. Laguna Colorada: 4,500 m (14,763 ft)

highest lakes6 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

7. Highest Lakes Image

Laguna Colorada lies to the southwest of the Bolivian Altiplano, near the border Chile, and sits at 4,500 meters (14,763ft) above sea level. The lake’s striking colors change according to the levels of salt, sediments or algae present, although the lake is best known for its dark red color.

Found within Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve, the lake is a favorite feeding ground with migrating flamingos that stop by to gorge in the shallow, borax rich waters. It is this mineral borax, a white powder that dissolves easily in water, which produces the lake’s signature white patches.

highest lakes7 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

8. Highest Lakes Image

Part of Uyuni Salt Plains, Laguna Colorada is just one highlight of many popular with trekkers to the Bolivian Altiplano. Here there is only one building, the Salt Hotel, which is constructed entirely of salt from the surrounding area and features salt figurines and salt furniture.

highest lakes8 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

9. Highest Lakes Image

7. Lake Tso Moriri: 4,595 (15,080 ft)

highest lakes9 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

10. Highest Lakes Image

Tsomoriri Lake, within Tsomoriri Wetland Conservation Reserve in Ladakh, India lies on the Changthang (northern plains) at an altitude of 4,595 m (15,080 ft). It is one of the largest lakes in the Trans-himalayan region and is accessible during the summer months only – the area is cut off by heavy snows for the remainder of the year.

The lie of the land means that the melting waters of surrounding snow-coered mountains flow into the Changthang basin, forming a fresh-water lake which is topped up with every melt.

highest lakes10 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

11. Highest Lakes Image

6. Lake Namtso: 4,718 m (15,479 ft)

highest lakes11 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

12. Highest Lakes Image

Otherwise known as Heaven Lake, Namtso sits at an elevation of 4,718 m (15,479 ft) on the border of China and Tibet. It is the highest salt lake in the world and the second largest salt lake in Tibet. The climate is harsh with frequent sudden snowstorms yet the lake is still very popular with migrating and resident birds.

highest lakes12 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

13. Highest Lakes Image

Five uninhabited islands on the lake were once used as spiritual retreats. Pilgrims would access the islands when the lake was frozen over in the winter months, taking everything they would need to survive. They would be stranded on the island, unable to leave until the waters froze again the following winter.

Since China governs Tibet the practice is no longer allowed. Though the lake is still a scared site, which is evident in the numerous prayer flags leading to and from Holy Rock on the edge of the lake.

highest lakes13 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

14. Highest Lakes Image

5. Lake Gurudongmar: 5,148 m (17,100 ft)

highest lakes14 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

15. Highest Lakes Image

Lying on the north side of the Khangchengyao Range close to the Indo-China border is the second highest lake in India, Lake Gurudongmar. It was named after Guru Padmasambhava (also known as Guru Dongmar, or Guru Nanak) who was said to have been responsible for bringing Tantric Buddhism to Bhutan and Tibet in the 8th century.

Located in the northern part of Sikkim

, the lake sits at an altitude of 5,148 m (17,100 ft), yet is still frequented annually by pilgrims who claim the waters have curative qualities.

highest lakes15 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

16. Highest Lakes Image

During the winter months, Gurudongmar Lake is almost completely frozen over except for one small section of the lake, which local Sikkimese and Buddhists believe to be touch and blessed by the lakes namesake, Guru Padmasambhava.

highest lakes16 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

17. Highest Lakes Image

4. Panch Pokhari: 5,494 m (18,025 ft)

highest lakes17 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

18. Highest Lakes Image

High in the peaks of Makalu-Barun National Park and Conservation Area, Nepal are the five sacred lakes of Panch Pokhari – the highest named lakes in the world. Found on a little travelled route about 6 km east of Ama Dablam, in Arun River Valley, Panch Pokhari is a revered pilgrimage site for Hindus, about 5,494 m (18,025 ft) above sea level.

highest lakes18 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

19. Highest Lakes Image

The area is also popular with trekkers to the area, but only those able to cope with the dizzying effects of altitude. Trekkers are often amazed to find rural villages and people working in the terraced fields, even in such a remote place where they struggle to breathe. The head mix of awesome scenery, biodiversity and culture is well worth the climb, according to those who’ve made it.

highest lakes19 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

20. Highest Lakes Image

3&4. Laguna Blanca and Laguna Verde: 6,390 m (20,965 ft)

Laguna Blanca and Laguna Verde sit at base of Licancabur volcano, which also has a small lake within its crater, at an altitude of approximately 6,390 m (20,965 ft). Also located in the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve in Bolivia, the lakes, although now divided were thought to be one large lake.

highest lakes20 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

21. Highest Lakes Image

Laguna Verde
Laguna Verde is the larger of the two with a surface of 17 km2. It’s wonderful green color is caused by the presence of minerals and noxious sediments including copper, calcium, arsenic and lead. Even still, regardless of the water concentration, hoards of planktonic fauna and bacteria survive in its waters.

highest lakes21 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

22. Highest Lakes Image

highest lakes22 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

23. Highest Lakes Image

highest lakes23 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

24. Highest Lakes Image

Laguna Blanca
Laguna Blanca has a lower concentration of these elements so appears white, although visitors to the lakes have said that the color changes when the wind stirs up the copper, as it does with Laguna Verde.

highest lakes24 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

25. Highest Lakes Image

1. Ojos del Salada: 6,891 m (20,964 ft)

highest lakes25 10 Highest Lakes on Earth

26. Highest Lakes Image

Sitting at the foot of the highest volcano in the world, Ojos del Salado, which is 6,891 m high, is an unnamed crater pool measuring just 100 meters in diameter and five to ten meters deep. Found on the Argentinean-Chilean border, even without a name the tiny lake is regarded as the highest body of water in the world at 6390 m (20,964 ft) high. A bit of an anticlimax for the highest lake on Earth!

Actual Highest Lakes in the World:

10. Damavand Pool 5,650 m 18,536 ft Iran
9. Poquentica Lake: 5,750 m 18,865 ft Chile-Bolivia
8. Ridonglabo Lake: 5,801 m 19,032 ft Tibet
7. Aguas Calientes Pool: 5,831 m 19,130 ft Chile
6. Lake Licancbur (Laguna Verde): 5,916 m 19,410 ft Chile-Bolivia
5. Acamarachi Pool: 5,950 m 19,520 ft Chile
4. East Rongbuk Pool: 6,100 20,013 Tibet
3. Changtse Pool: 6,216 m 20,394 Tibet
2. Lhagba Pool: 6,368 m 20,892 ft Tibet
1. Ojos del Salado Pool: 6,390 m 20,965 ft Argentina

First View of the Dark Side of the Sun

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Dark Side of Sun First View of the Dark Side of the Sun

Soon we may get the first ever glimpse of the dark side of the sun.

Well, no, there’s no actual dark side of a luminous ball of burning gas, but there is an effective dark side, as in, the side of the sun we can’t see at any given time.

Scientists aren’t content to get just half of the picture, so they’ve launched the STEREO (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatories) mission, a pair of NASA spacecraft that will orbit the sun simultaneously to provide a complete view of all sides of the star at once.

“Then there will be no place to hide and we can see the entire sun for the first time,” STEREO project scientist Michael Kaiser of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center told

The perfect spherical view will come on Feb. 6, 2011. Right now the satellites, which were launched in October 2006, are about 90 degrees apart, which allows a picture of about 270 degrees of the sun — the fullest view yet.

“The who goal of all of this is to try to get a better handle to try to predict solar storms, which cause cell phone disturbances, and disruptions to communications and power.” Kaiser said. “We’d like to be able to predict these things as far in advance as possible to give us a longer warning time.”

Solar storms are magnetic disruptions on the sun that release violent sprays of charged particles into space. These storms can produce magnificent displays of the Northern Lights. But some past storms have also cost airlines and satellite communications industries millions of dollars, and have led to large scale power blackouts (including one across the entire province of Quebec, Canada). Being able to reliably forecast these tempests in advance could make a huge difference in preventing disturbances on Earth.

Predicting solar weather is also important for the future of manned spaceflight. If astronauts are exposed to the intense radiation from solar storms while traveling beyond the protective magnetic field of the Earth, they could suffer serious harm. Even astronauts close to home who venture out for a spacewalk during a storm are put in danger.

“For future missions going to the moon and Mars, that’s very important,” Kaiser said. “Some of these solar storms can be very intense. If the astronauts were completely exposed to one of these storms the radiation could be high.”

The STEREO mission also aims to improve our basic scientific understanding of the dynamics within the sun, which could shed light on the workings of stars in general.

Weirdest Deformed Animals of the World

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This is a collection of extraordinary rare and weird deformed animals.

A Deformed Lamb
deformed lamb Weirdest Deformed Animals of the WorldThis seven-legged lamb was photographed when it was found on July 31, 2007, at the farm at Methven near to Christ Church which is situated in the South Island of New Zealand. The veterinarian, Steve Williams believed that this deformity was caused by a misprint in embryo formation. Due to this scientific reason, the lamb was being born polydactyl (or with many legs). He further remarked that this is a common condition that may have occurred once in every several million sheep.

A Deformed Giraffe
Deformed Giraffe Weirdest Deformed Animals of the WorldThis was Gemina, a giraffe which was found to have a dominant crooked neck joining to its body at the Santa Barbara Zoo. Unfortunately, it died on January 9, 2008.

Two Deformed Snakes

Deformed Snakes Weirdest Deformed Animals of the World

Two Deformed Snakes Weirdest Deformed Animals of the WorldAs seen in the photo, this albino snake was born with two heads. The strange feature for such snake is that its two separate mouths were connected to the same stomach. Usually, the snake, which was born with this deformed characteristic, would not live longer. As a result, its life may be as short as two months. Nevertheless, the snake that you see in the picture had unexpectedly survived for a long life span of 8 years.

A Deformed Cow
Deformed Cow Weirdest Deformed Animals of the WorldThis unusual six-legged Cambodian cow was found resting at the farm near to the Cambodia city, Phnom Penh on October 7, 2003. The monks from the local pagoda who scared of getting bad fortune that would bring by the cow, later named it as “Cham Leck.” (Literally means “strange”).

A Deformed Octopus
Deformed Octopus Weirdest Deformed Animals of the WorldThis six-legged octopus or “hexapus” was found by the British marine experts. They claimed that this was the first unusual sea creature discovered among the octopus families. It was observed to have two limbs lesser than its normal species. His keepers at the Blackpool Sea Life Centre which is situated in the northwest of England believed that its deformity was due to the birth defect instead of the casual accident.

A Deformed Duckling

Deformed Duckling Weirdest Deformed Animals of the World

sad Deformed Duckling Weirdest Deformed Animals of the WorldOne deformed duckling called “Stumpy” was found at Warrawee Duck Farm in Copythorne, Hamphire (a country on the south coast of England), England. This duckling was born in 2007 with four legs which is unusual to a typical duck that has two legs. While examining this duckling, the scientist found that it has two unusual legs grown out behind its normal pair of legs. According to its owner, the duck has no problem with its daily activities despite these deformed legs which was caused by a rare mutation. These two legs seemed to support its movement.

A Deformed Reptile Fossil
Deformed Reptile Fossil Weirdest Deformed Animals of the WorldScientists have long found the double-headed fossil. From the laboratory sample, this aquatic reptile was identified died at its very young age before forming into a fossil. This extinct adult reptile was diagnosed to grow as long as one meter. Its relatively long neck marked its unusual feature among its species.

Two Deformed Calves
Two Deformed Calves Weirdest Deformed Animals of the WorldBefore New Year’s Eve, one unusual and unexplainable phenomenon occurred in a dairy farm in Virginia, an American state on the Atlantic Coast of the southern United States. A mother cow gave birth to a calf with two faces on December 27, 2006. This calf was believed to be a product of artificial insemination. There was not much of a difference from this calf and other ordinary ones when viewing it from its neck until to its tail. Nevertheless, the rare characteris

tic for such “double-sided” calf was that it has a relatively unusual large head. It breathed out of two noses, and has two tongues, which moved independently.

black Deformed Calves Weirdest Deformed Animals of the WorldThis six-legged calf was born on April 29, 2007 at the farm of Brian Slocum of Litchfield. The calf was diagnosed to have both male and female reproductive organs.

Deformed Tortoises

Deformed Tortoises Weirdest Deformed Animals of the World
sad Deformed Tortoises Weirdest Deformed Animals of the World

splited Tortoises Weirdest Deformed Animals of the WorldThis tortoise was seen on June 24, 2007, in Huaibei which is located in the eastern part of Anhui Province of China. The local media reported that its gourd shaped resembling a large fruit with a hard skin and soft juicy flesh inside was the result of a gene mutation. That means the gene mutation has contributed to its aberration, a condition of a temporary change from what is normal or acceptable among its species.

Two Deformed Kittens
Two Deformed Kittens Weirdest Deformed Animals of the WorldThis two-faced kitten was born in Inverness, Fla. It has one esophagus, two noses and four eyes. This photo was pictured while its owner, Cobra Macini was feeing his beloved kitten.
Two Deformed Kittens2 Weirdest Deformed Animals of the WorldOne unusual event happened in Oregon City in the United States. A kitten was born with only one large eye grown on the position of its nose on December 28, 2005. This type of deformity is known as Holoprosencephaly. Besides one eye, the kitten was also found to have no nose at all. This deformed kitten finally died two days after it was born.

A Deformed Crocodile
Deformed Crocodile Weirdest Deformed Animals of the WorldThese baby crocodiles were born in June 2001, at the Samut Prakarn Crocodile Farm which is located on the outskirts of Bangkok, Thailand. Unfortunately, they were born with their bodies joined together at their bottom part. They were reptiles identified for having two tails and eight legs.

A Deformed Chicken
Deformed Chicken Weirdest Deformed Animals of the WorldA chicken with four legs was discovered on September 21, 2006, in one of the chicken farms in the United States. This chicken was different from other normal chickens as it has four very long legs attached beneath its body.

Deformed Pigs
Deformed Pigs Weirdest Deformed Animals of the WorldThe research team from the Taiwan University succeeded in producing three green fluorescent pigs. According to the professor of the University, Prof. Dr. Wu, these three green fluorescent pigs were the outcomes of this experiment, in which the green fluorescent genes from the jellyfish were implanted into three transgenic pig embryos. It produced three pigs that have their entire bodies emitting green fluorescent light.

A Deformed Turtle
Deformed Turtle Weirdest Deformed Animals of the WorldThe local people in Costa Rica happened to come across the rarely seen double-headed turtle lying on the shore. This turtle did not have a typical appearance of a turtle, as it had two brains grown out on its front. The turtle in the photo was hatched on the beach on November 20, 2005 in this deformed manner when it was found.

Two Deformed Frogs

Two Deformed Frogs Weirdest Deformed Animals of the World

Deformed Frogs Weirdest Deformed Animals of the WorldIn 1995, many seriously deformed leopa

rd frogs were discovered around the lakes and rivers in the wetlands of the United States. According to reliable sources, several species with these deformities have been found across Minnesota, and into neighboring South Dakota, Quebec and Wisconsin over years. Among these deformed frogs, some were found with three legs, some were found to be handicapped of legs, and some even have four to five legs. When this news spread, it quickly drew the attention of environmental experts. New research identifies that such deformities have been caused partly due to runoff from farming and ranching. This conclusion was supported by the study of a University of Colorado, as they agreed that the growing number of deformed frogs were primarily caused by the nutrient-rich runoff from farming and ranching as indicated by the new research.