Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hippo Attacking an Antelope

Hippo Attacking an Antelope


Up until a few weeks ago I was under the impression that hippos were peaceful animals that wouldn’t hurt a fly. I don’t know why, they just always looked like peaceful creatures to me. But after seeing some hippos attacking a crocodile and now this angry guy picking a fight with this antelope, I’ve reached the conclusion that hippos are not quiet, calm animals at all.

hypo Hippo Attacking an Antelope
hypo1 Hippo Attacking an Antelope
hypo2 Hippo Attacking an Antelope
hypo3 Hippo Attacking an Antelope
hypo4 Hippo Attacking an Antelope

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9 Comments to “Hippo Attacking an Antelope”

  • The actually look like they’re playing with each other. The hippo could have killed the antelope when it had the antelope by the neck.

  • Who won?

  • Except the hippo’s tusks seem to be missing. He kindof looks toothless.

  • I’m actually a little surprised. Hippos are well known to be VERY territorial and violent. I don’t know where any of you got the impression that hippos are gentle, or that it’s not trying to kill that antelope, because it is.

  • Hippos kill more people than any other animal in Africa.

  • hippos are the most dangerous animal in africa, you people are stupid

  • Actually, hippos can be quite violent, especially when they believe their territory to be invaded. There are times when the spots they tend to gather in begin to evaporate and the hippos have to cluster together in order to enjoy the benifits of the cooling water they desperately need, but it also makes for some very edgy and angry hippos. they have been known to attach each other over their limited territorial space inflicting some VERY serious wounds upon each other.

    Hippos have EXTREMELY large teeth and very powerful jaws. And have even been known to attack humans on rare occasions.

  • I’ve heard that Hippos kill more people than crocs in Africa.

  • It’s just a game isn’t it ? If one attacked there will be blood !

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