Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Amazing Wooden Mirror

The Amazing Wooden Mirror


Created by Daniel Rozen this incredible wooden mirror is made up of 830 tiny wood each controlled by a small motor. A camera gathers light and shape data and sends it to a computer which then shifts the panels to create the image in front of the device. The can’t provide a detailed image but still it’s pretty cool to see and hear those little wooden pieces move and mimic everything you do.

Watch the incredible video of the wooden mirror at the bottom to see how it works.

wooden mirror The Amazing Wooden Mirror
wooden mirror1 The Amazing Wooden Mirror

wooden mirror3 The Amazing Wooden Mirrorwooden mirror2 The Amazing Wooden Mirror


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  • cool

  • Proof reading is your friend.

  • Very nice and clever it would be great if they set in into one big wooden wall so it was all flush until you walked past, great stuff

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