Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Museum of Nature by Ilkka Halso

The Museum of Nature by Ilkka Halso

nature2 The Museum of Nature by Ilkka HalsoFinnish photographer Ilkka Halso’s photographic series ‘The Museum of Nature’ intelligently challenges how we can imagine the natural environment of the future. This collection of images capture a series of man-made structures that enclose nature, protecting it like a relic of the past. Using images of landscapes and 3D digital manipulation, this photographic collection captures a future vision of nature as a rare display. Challenging the audience’s interaction with the natural environment as endangered artifact, Halso manages to truly visualize a future we so desperately do not want to see become a reality.

nature3 The Museum of Nature by Ilkka Halso

Halso’s work is a thoroughly engaging project that takes us into a future world where nature is a museum-like place and experience is controlled. We do appreciate BLDGBLOG’s pessimistic suggestion as to how appropriate these images would be as illustrations in some form of eco-catastrophic novel. However, we also think that these thought-provoking portents could stand-alone in any urban environment to remind us how truly precious our natural world is becoming.nature The Museum of Nature by Ilkka Halso

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