Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Is This Our Floating Future?

Is This Our Floating Future?


Is%2BThis%2BOur%2BFloating%2BFuture Is This Our Floating Future?


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11 Comments to “Is This Our Floating Future?”

  • Unlikely to be ours any time soon…maybe the future of some very fortunate marine biologists: they’ve now invented a floating lab in the shape of a dorsal fin that also extends beneath the sea level and that drifts with the currents. Like the floating paradise above, it is complete with underwater observatories…give it broadband and phone I’d live in it anyday!

  • these things are called “lilly pads” and they are a serious idea to combat global warming, (which in its self is a bit of a joke)

  • im sorry but how can you call global warming a joke?

  • “im sorry but how can you call global warming a joke?”

    Because its an unproven theory based upon hysteria?

    The earth ahs always, and will always have climate change, and the idea that humans could impact that is unproven and continues to be so.

  • because its a ploy, just like any advertising campaign, its engineered to scare people into buying products and ideas when really we have no understanding of how the earth’s systems work.

  • Because there’s not actually any evidence to show that this isn’t just part of Earth’s natural heating-cooling cycle.

  • It’s such a small portion of the Co2 humans contribute its almost not even worth mentioning when compared to natural causes.

  • I don’t think, it will be used within even next 50 years.

  • Because the heating and cooling of our planet is a natural process, we’re in the middle of two ice ages right now.

  • The joke is thinking that we can stop global warming. Sort of like bringing a freight train to a halt with a box fan. No, the Lily Pads are a way to live with the new conditions, they won’t actually do anything to reverse it.

  • He can say its a joke because it is a joke. Its as much a joke as the war on terror. Just another excuse for the government to control our lives.

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